Dakota Trace Stops in to talk about her new book! #blogtour

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

3744330 – napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

Hi everyone!  Before we kick this crazy stop off, I’d like to take a second to thank the lovely Ellie Potts for allowing me and my cranky muse hijack her blog for the day.  Ms. Ellie is a veteran recipient of Livvy’s antics and the fact she let us come back….well that’s a miracle. Speaking of muse…where the hell is she?

*looks around*

Well, damn.  I could’ve swore this was supposed to be the next stop on our tour…  *pulls out list*   “Yeah, today’s the 13th.  *narrows eyes*  I definitely shouldn’t have trusted her to keep to our schedule….something must have distracted her again.

“That would be my master.”

*turns to see redhead just behind me*  Wow, Alyce!  I wasn’t expecting you to be here. *flushes*  I swear I’ll deliver on my promise.  Just as soon as I get the rest of the stuff back from Livvy.  IN fact, she was supposed to bring the next item here…and as usual she didn’t pay attention.

“That would be this item, correct?”   *holds up ginger*

Yeah, that’s it.  How did you get it from her?

*arches a brow*  “Like I’m gonna let her bring something so evil into my home. Do you know what Sir would do if he caught a glimpse of this…”


Enter a caption

“Ummm, something tells me it doesn’t have anything to do with food…”

*shudders*   Highly unlikely.  Ever since he read in one of Nicky’s books about ginger being used to…ah…stimulate…certain areas, I’ve had to keep him out of the produce section at the grocery store.  There was no way in hell I was letting your muse in the front door with one.”

Poor thing.  *struggled to hold in my laughter*  But I can totally understand, no one wants something like this….*takes the ginger* …put where the sun don’t shine.  Maybe I should have a talk with him?

*eyes widen*  “No! Don’t do that, he’ll say I’m topping from the bottom again.  And lord knows I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.”

Too true. *wrapping an arm around her and giving her a brief squeeze* you’re secret is safe with me.   And thanks for bringing to me. It means we’re one step closer to find all the items to make you a delicious pie.

*turns to readers*

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

3744330 – napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

Just in case you missed it, we’re hunting down the items my dang muse stole, so I can make Alyce and her sweet daughter a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving….all you have to do is enter is enter each clue on the rafflecopter thingy below.  And you’ll earn a chance to win a pretty cool prize from me.   A complete signed print set of the Doms of Napa (1-3), a paracord flogger that I’ll be getting back from Livvy, and some pretty sweet swag.


“I’ll be drawing a winner from the entries on the 19th and posting it on my author facebook page.   Now, I’m off to go wrestle away that flogger from my stubborn muse.  *scratches chin*  Did I forget anything?  Oh yeah, I guess I did.  Benevolent Master, will be on sale up throw the 18th, for $2.99 (which is nearly half off of the original $4.99 cover price.)   So clicky here if you want to save, because on the 19th, the price goes back up.  😀

Again a big thank you to Ellie Potts  for allowing me to take over her blog today.  Be sure to catch me and Livvy tomorrow at V.S. Morgan’s blog.

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

3744330 – napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

To find out more about Dakota’s Work – CLICK HERE



Cover Reveal for Krys Janae’s If I Should Wake

If I Should Wake - Official Cover
If I Should Wake

by Krys Janae
Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Independent)
Edited By: Christa Cunningham
Cover Artist: Kris Pittman, C & K Designs
Release Date: October 18th 2016*
*subject to change. Pre-Order announcement to follow.
Quote 1 - Bridge - If I Should Wake“Take the gift you’ve been given, and use it well…”
That was the last thing he ever said to me before he passed, and now he’s gone.
I can’t stay in Gillespie now. I’m going back to Blackwolf.
After several years away in the big city across the bay, Kassandra Drake rejoins her hometown of Blackwolf and tries to slip back into her old small-town life. Although things seem to be mostly where she left them when she made her departure years ago, she has to quickly make some decisions about her personal life. From her old friends, to an old flame, she reconciles with some and pushes away others.
Then, she meets the mysterious Caine Michaels at Archer Manor. Kassandra starts to experience things she never had before—strange occurrences—ranging from being starstruck, having flashes of déjà vu, debilitating headaches, and haunting dreams she hoped to leave behind in the city.
Kassandra soon finds herself in the company of the wealthy big-shot, Marcellus Ambrose. Try as she might, she cannot resist his requests for long. Mostly because his lackeys are a little out of the ordinary. With their help, she starts to piece together the true fortune inherited from her grandfather, the late Franklin Drake. Kassandra rapidly and eagerly grows into her role as she’s introduced to this newunderground world. While battling her own inner demons, Kassandra is forced to come face-to-face with the real evil stalking her steps.
Krys - Author PicABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Krys Janae, also known as Krys of All Trades, is an author, musician, voice-over artist, actress, gamer and geek from central California, and is a proud pet mom of her cats Lucy, Nova and Clementine. This is her first original novel after her debut novelFalling Stars (sequel to Ellie Potts’ Seeing Stars) released in March of 2015.
Find out more at KrysJanae.com, or follow her on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat / Tumblr @MsKrysD
…or on YouTube – Krys Janae

It’s been a while…

A lot of things happened over the summer some good some really bad. Of course we went to our annual pirate fest in June, and we stopped in at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. Great place for the nerd in me to hang out for the day. I got to touch a dinosaur bone, mark that off the bucket list. But July was not so nice to my family. I lost my dog, almost lost my husband, suffered illness, and had home and mechanical problems. August brought in some good luck so far. My great niece was born yesterday. It was a hard birth, but mom and baby are fine. Miss Kinsley Maryann has some lungs on her. Today I finally have an itch to actually write. Because of the rough summer I have had no urge to even look at my computer or even work on anything. So maybe I can get back to it.

The Eccentric Lady El, Time Traveling Cryptozoologist #steampunk #justforfun #pirate


Good morning my awesome readers. Today me, my hubby, and our friends journey up north to modern time San Francisco. Here we plan on snapping a picture of the elusive T-Rex, enter a rainforest, and much more. All willing we survive the gas carriage ride up.

Tomorrow we will travel back to the golden age of piracy. Vallejo is home of one of the biggest pirate bashes of the year. We shall be hanging out with the great crew of the Silver Realm. I will be on the look out for mermaids, the kraken, and I have a few questions to ask a sea witch.

You can follow my journey on my Instagram http://www.instagram.com/fangirlellie

As a reminder the jumping genres giveaway hop is underneath this post 🙂

Jumping Genres Giveaway Hop


I like to write romance because it is a cross boundaries genre. You can jump from fantasy to sci-fi to contemporary to historical. I am not just a romance reader though. The last hop I talked about AVI who was one of the main authors who made me love reading when I was younger.

51+jiFY4cqL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Recently I just read Coreyography: A Memoir by Corey Feldman. I usually don’t read biographies. Most are not my cup of tea. But first off the writing was very well done. And I have to say that Corey Feldman does not blame anyone for what happened, but just explained the circumstances that made him a drug addict. I am a huge nerd of 80’s movies. He was my favorite Goonie, and of course my favorite Frog brother. To read how he struggled while he made these movies made me so sad. And when they became jokes to us oh so and so got DUI, and so and so was drugged up and arrested. But there is a reason for it, and it makes me sad. It made me sad that these kids I grew up watching went through the trauma they did. I am glad he made it though it, because not a lot of them did. For those who like me love movies of the 80’s this is a big recommend.

Blurb: Lovable child star by age ten, international teen idol by fifteen, and to this day a perennial pop-culture staple, Corey Feldman has not only spent the entirety of his life in the spotlight, he’s become just as famous for his off-screen exploits as for his roles in such classic films as Gremlins, The Goonies, and Stand by Me. He’s been linked to a slew of Hollywood starlets (including Drew Barrymore, Vanessa Marcil, and adult entertainer Ginger Lynn), shared a highly publicized friendship with Michael Jackson, and with his frequent costar Corey Haim enjoyed immeasurable success as one half of the wildly popular duo “The Two Coreys,” spawning seven films, a 1-900 number, and “Coreymania” in the process. What child of the eighties didn’t have a Corey Feldman poster hanging in her bedroom, or a pile of Tiger Beats stashed in his closet?

Now, in this brave and moving memoir, Corey is revealing the truth about what his life was like behind the scenes: His is a past that included physical, drug, and sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family from which he was emancipated at age fifteen, three high-profile arrests for drug possession, a nine-month stint in rehab, and a long, slow crawl back to the top of the box office.

While Corey has managed to overcome the traps that ensnared so many other entertainers of his generation—he’s still acting, is a touring musician, and is a proud father to his son, Zen—many of those closest to him haven’t been so lucky. In the span of one year, he mourned the passing of seven friends and family members, including Corey Haim and Michael Jackson. In the wake of those tragedies, he’s spoken publicly about the dark side of fame, lobbied for legislation affording greater protections for children in the entertainment industry, and lifted the lid off of what he calls Hollywood’s biggest secret.

Giveaway Time!!

I am going to be giving away a super secret giveaway bag. Books, swag and more. I will say there will be something 80s, some secret but special stuffs, and a couple books. How does one apply for said giveaway. I have a question. What is a new genre you have tried and liked that you thought you normally wouldn’t and what book do you highly recommend. Make sure you leave your email.


So like always check back for more recommendations. I am trying trying to catch back up on my reading. 🙂

Have fun along the hop.

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Love Thy Self…

I’m going to take a step away from the writing and talk about self image. Maybe it can be used as a character builder. Or rather would you create the perfect character if you have low self-esteem? Or would you be comfortable making your main characters as flawed as yourself?

It took me a long time to love myself. It was harder when I didn’t have an older role model that would have helped me with some of the “girl” stuff. But I was never really into the “girl” stuff. Make-up made my face feel gross and itchy, and well I don’t think my lips were created for lipstick in general. I feel more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, and I choose to be comfortable then dressy. So as I write my characters they are mostly natural, and not to dressy, unless the scene calls for it.

I guess I was lucky that my parents didn’t really care too much about dieting and all that. Although I did wish they were a little more self conscience on the junk we ate. I see girls with self image issues. Ones who have to be on a diet, because their parents had self image issues, because they watched their parents diet most of their life. It’s sad because there are beautiful people out there who think so low of themselves. And it’s sad that these beautiful people will unintentionally possibly pass their low self-image to their children.

Of course other then low self-esteem, the need to diet all through life, never being comfortable in your skin, never being good enough. Also creates the bullies, and those who are bullied. By learning to love your flaws and being okay in your skin you prevent that. Just remember there is only one of you, with one life, do you really want to spend it hating yourself? That doesn’t seem like a good way to live.

May I Suggest Giveaway Hop #giveaway


Well hello friends it’s time for a new giveaway hop. I am going to be giving away a $10 gift card for winners choice of amazon or fandango. Question will be down after my today’s suggestion.

When I was in the second grade I was tested at below kindergarten reading. I had to attend a special reading class, which was kind of like a speech therapy class. It was thanks to these teachers that I learned I loved to read. They helped me a lot with the simple words I had so much trouble with. And to this day I still sing out H-O-U-S-E. Like Mickey Mouse. Once I got my own library card I was hooked. I found, and fell in love with Avi.

Starting with Something Upstairs When 12-year-old Kenny Huldorf moves to Providence, Rhode Island, he soon discovers that his attic bedroom is haunted by the ghost of a teenage slave named Caleb. Before long, Caleb summons Kenny back in time, where Kenny finds himself entangled in Caleb’s murder and deeply troubled by the century-old injustice. Ultimately, it is up to Kenny to solve Caleb’s murder or remain forever trapped in history.

51E2kIfxfOL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Next up Devil’s Race Sixteen-year-old John Proud discovers his family’s dark secret’in 1854 an ancestral namesake confessed to being a demon. Now John finds himself battling his ancestor who is trying to use John for an evil purpose.

The Blue Heron As Maggie approaches her thirteenth birthday, she wants to believe that some kind of magic can stop the changes all around her. Her visit with her father and his new family at a lakeside cabin makes her wonder. Will he still love her as much, now that he has a new family, or will he love her baby half-sister more? Her father seems troubled and withdrawn and, while he insists nothing is wrong, she worries.

Alone with her own secret thoughts, Maggie finds comfort in the beautiful blue heron she visits at the lake every morning. With each visit, she grows more attached to the bird, and she becomes aware that someone else is watching, too — someone who’s putting the bird in great danger. Through her determination to protect the bird, Maggie begins to understand the magic of change in her own life, and in the constantly changing world around her.

51XaNXsSXdL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_Romeo and Juliet Together (and alive!) At Last. Star-crossed love. Betrayal. Death. Comedy?

Peter Saltz (Saltz to his friends) and Anabell Stackpoole like each other, but they’re too shy to do anything about it. Thank goodness for Saltz’s best friend, Ed Sitrow, who masterminds an eighth grade production of Romeo & Juliet-starring none other than Saltz and Stackpoole as Romeo and Juliet. But getting the two reluctant lovebirds together is a bigger task than anyone anticipated, even with Shakespeare’s help.

And the other I really liked was Nothing But the Truth Ninth-grader, Philip Malloy, is kept from joining the track team by his failing grades in English class. Convinced that the teacher just doesn’t like him, Philip concocts a plan to get transferred out of her class. Breaking the school’s policy of silence during the national anthem, he hums along, and ends up in a crisis at the center of the nation’s attention.

As an adult you can read these, or read them with your kids. He has a lot more, and it is totally worth it.

So here is the question to be entered into the Giveaway Hop. What is the book that made you fall in love with reading? Make sure you leave your email. And stop in for during the next 2 weeks cause I will be recommend a lot more favorites.

Giveaway link! http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/0e6394be34/?

And I hope you have fun hopping along the hop 🙂

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Happy May!! #nerdlife

April allergies killed me… I had been really sick during winter that what should have been a short spring cold turned into a 2 week wtf… I have recovered yay! And getting back to the writing board. Books I hoped to be done, will be coming out later, and new projects will have to wait. If you are a signed up for my newsletter you will get a head start on May’s giveaway. I will be having a few starting soon. So keep an eye out. News on upcoming books will be hitting soon too. But with May Californian’s, like me, are prepping… 36987383

Summer is a battle here. Btw a raise of hands who here is a Game of Thrones fan. Are you excited about this season so far? I sure am. Last year at Zappcon I met the best John Snow cosplayer.


This year I have only one convention planned to have a table at that will be Colossus Con in Merced September 17th. But this July me and the hubby will be attending Modest Con in July just for the day. I totally got off topic there. Well I hope you had a great weekend. 🙂