Writer’s Block #writingwends

Writer’s Block- The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

This happens to even the best writers. I get it when the weather changes. I have been noting it. I have other things that get in the way as well. Like being a procrastibater. I let myself get distracted…

Here are some tips to help with your writer’s block:

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World Building… #writingwends

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Let’s talk about World Building. The beauty of fantasy is the writer has full control over their creative world. They can make it as similar or foreign to the reality we know. Still, things have to make sense within this world. It has to have rules. Here are some things to think about when world-building.

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Unicorn and the Serpent… #bookboost #fightlikeagirl #warriorprincess

unicornandserpfinalIn the Unicorn and the Serpent the Morgan’s pagan society still has touches of magic. I wanted a fantasy, but not to heavy with the elements. Yes there is a glimpse of a unicorn. Morgan meets a dragon briefly, she also encounters little people. One who happens to be a blood relative. The story can be chalked up as a fantasy story. But it is also a romance and mystery.

It is a story of a young woman who has to believe in herself to save her people. This story started off as 12 pages and turned into this great tale. Morgan has become of favorite to me in so many ways. As we grapple with our own lives, what we have to overcome to be what we need to become.

I thought this book fit in well with the Lucky Leprechaun Hop. Check out my original post.


The appearance of a unicorn means a great change is coming.

Princess Morgan, wild and fiery, heir to her father’s throne, can best any man with a sword. Now grown she is fearful of being Queen. But when visitors from a different kingdom show up Morgan is faced with great changes as their easy life is turned upside down.

If scared away there is a Serpent nearby. The serpent means a great sadness.

One other change occurs as mysteries unravel themselves to her. Morgan’s own feelings towards one of her guards. Faced with loss, love and some touches of magic Morgan has to become the Queen she is meant to be or succumb to a life worse than death-servitude.


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Creative minds dreaming… #writingwends

All my life I’ve had vivid movie type dreams. A lot I have used for story ideas. Usually I’m never in them the stars are people I’ve never met. But I wake up after one and think that would make a great story idea! So here is a little info I found on research done on creative brains and dreaming.

Creative people place their dreams in unusual, varied settings (compared to the more frequent home dreams of less creative people); dream of creative pursuits; have dreams of loss, children and trying to overcome obstacles in nature. The frequency of their sexual dreams varies depending on whether or not they are actually doing something creative in their waking lives.

Intuitive people (who tend to be creative) remember more “big” numinous, archetypal dreams than do people who prefer to take in information through their five senses.

Introverts (people who focus on the inner world of ideas and feelings) recall more “little” everyday dreams than do extroverts. However, extroverts and introverts tend to recall archetypal dreams just as often.

Thinking types, who make decisions based on logical analysis, tend to have more emotional dreams/tend to experience more emotions in their dreams than do feeling types, who make decisions based on principles and values.

According to David Watson, a professor of psychology in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,  “There is a fundamental continuity between how people experience the world during the day and at night,” he said. “People who are prone to daydreaming and fantasy have less of a barrier between states of sleep and wakefulness and seem to more easily pass between them.” In other words, creative people tend to have vivid dreams.

Jayne Gackenbach, at Grant McEwan University has been doing research into dreams and gamers. She found that lucid dreamers and gamers tended to have better spacial skills. Both groups had a high level of concentration.  According to a 2006 study, people who frequently played video games were more likely to have lucid dreams and to be aware that they were dreaming.

“A second study tried to narrow down the uncertainties by examining dreams that participants experienced from the night before, and focused more on gamers. It found that lucid dreams were common, but that the gamers never had dream control over anything beyond their dream selves.

The gamers also frequently flipped between a first person view from within the body and a third person view of themselves from outside, except never with the calm detachment of a distant witness.”

Do you have crazy dreams?

Write what makes you happy… #writingwends


A lot of advice I received in creative writing classes was pretty much write what popular people write to be accepted or if you want to hit it big.  I’ve also read people who have done that but never succeed. By Then I was already writing what I wanted to write. I never really tried to put anything out, well I did, but I didn’t try very hard. The rejections I received were mostly we don’t sell that genre or not interested at the time.

I never let it get to me and continued to write. Writing is my therapy. It keeps me sane in my crazy life. In my worlds I can kill people who have made me mad, and no one can say anything or get arrested. I try my hardest to research enough to make my stories seem real enough, and I try, I really do, to make a great story. I am not perfect, and no one really is.  But my stories scream to be written. And I will tell you one thing I never expected to be an Author. Really I just like to write. So I write what I like to write, and usually it isn’t popular or in. It is weird and me :o) These characters scream to tell their stories.

So write what feel right. Right what makes you happy. In the end you have to be proud of the work you did, the story you told.

A Book Bible #writingwends

For each book I create a book bible. Which is usually a notepad or binder depending on the story or if it’s a series.

The first part has the blurb, synopsis and plot lines and notes I would like to see in the next chapter. I usually mark them out as I write it. Or if I come up with a cool little scene while I am away from my computer I can add it for later.

The next part is character sheets. Main characters in the front all the way to characters who are just there. In there I like to describe them, relations, jobs and ambitions in the story. As the story moves along I note their changes. I usually break it up in good guys bad guys if there are some, and I always give them all a few extra pages. Like the growing story your characters change. If it’s a series it is certainly a helper.

The third part is places and things. In the book bible for Space Rebels I have the description and different rooms of the Marigold, the moon, mars, moons, and asteroid belts. In The Unicorn and The Serpent I have medieval jobs, words,  and of course the kingdom mapped out. So pretty much part three is the world building section.

Part 4 is usually a writing diary. Date and word counts and things to remember for editing. Everyone has their little thing.

So tell me do you have a niche to help you start a story?