Love Thy Self…

I’m going to take a step away from the writing and talk about self image. Maybe it can be used as a character builder. Or rather would you create the perfect character if you have low self-esteem? Or would you be comfortable making your main characters as flawed as yourself?

It took me a long time to love myself. It was harder when I didn’t have an older role model that would have helped me with some of the “girl” stuff. But I was never really into the “girl” stuff. Make-up made my face feel gross and itchy, and well I don’t think my lips were created for lipstick in general. I feel more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, and I choose to be comfortable then dressy. So as I write my characters they are mostly natural, and not to dressy, unless the scene calls for it.

I guess I was lucky that my parents didn’t really care too much about dieting and all that. Although I did wish they were a little more self conscience on the junk we ate. I see girls with self image issues. Ones who have to be on a diet, because their parents had self image issues, because they watched their parents diet most of their life. It’s sad because there are beautiful people out there who think so low of themselves. And it’s sad that these beautiful people will unintentionally possibly pass their low self-image to their children.

Of course other then low self-esteem, the need to diet all through life, never being comfortable in your skin, never being good enough. Also creates the bullies, and those who are bullied. By learning to love your flaws and being okay in your skin you prevent that. Just remember there is only one of you, with one life, do you really want to spend it hating yourself? That doesn’t seem like a good way to live.


February Wrap Up…

Okay so February is almost done…

What was accomplished?

deadpool_ver8Some writing… I am working on Blood Father book 2 of the Opposite Side and a new contemporary Rock Block. This book is a first because I am writing it in first person.Should be interesting. I already love Abby and Spencer.

Highlights… Deadpool! Oh it was a great fun watch. If you are easily offended not the movie for you. This movie is not for kids. I enjoyed it greatly. There were parts that had me in tears.

Books read… Not enough.

Next month… I have a blog hop!! Yay for free things! Hitting the writing pretty hard. Getting caught up on reading. I really need to do that. I am so behind on all my series.

Next month is going to be full of nerdy, wordy and a little bit dirty… More coming soon…

You know you’re a writer… #tuesdaylist

  • You know you’re a writer when you carry a pocket-sized notebook because you can’t memorize all the ideas that pop in your head.
  • You know you’re a writer when you copy snippets of conversation because you know your character would laugh at it later.
  • You know you’re a writer when “real” people don’t seem as exciting as the people we create.
  • You know you’re a writer when you can’t stop writing or typing and you tell your (roommate, spouse, family member) that you just got to “the really good part.
  • You know you’re a writer when you doodle random poems on your piece of paper that was supposed to be class notes, work papers, etc.
  • You would rather talk to the voices in your head than the person sitting next to you.
  • Some of the letters on your keyboard are completely worn off.
  • Your/you’re and their/there/they’re errors send you into an apoplectic fit.
  • You get cranky if you don’t get to write.
  • You’ve ever said, “The voices are getting louder; I must go write.”
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and scrabble for the pen and paper you keep next to your bed to write down a scene to make the voices be quiet so you can get some sleep.
  • Getting the scene finished is more important than food, coffee, or the bathroom.
  • You purposely eavesdrop when out in public.
  • At parties, your method of making conversation is to discover people in the room with interesting occupations (preferably your hero’s or heroine’s) so you can conduct research.  (Bathroomstallnote: What writer goes to parties? I know I don’t.)
  • You can’t write because you’re mad at one of your characters.
  • You argue with said character.
  • You drive three hours to a city where you don’t know anyone, spend another three hours driving around the city, then drive three hours home and decide NOT to set your story there.
  • You start to laugh out loud in public, because you just came up with something your character might say
  • You know you’re a writer when after a friend says something “cool” you whip out your notebook, write it down only to look up and see them walking away from you, their face really really red!
  • The list “You know you’re a writer if…” makes you happy because it confirms that you have a writer’s nature.
  • Said list also relieves you because you realize that you’re not going insane and that other writers feel like you, too.
  • You secretly think that you won’t get any “real respect” for your work until you go crazy or die.
  • You are actively accused of trying to sabotage your own relationships in order to create honest conflict to write about.
  • You have stacks of notebooks that you refuse to throw away because “hey, there might be some epic idea in there that I’ll come upon later and write a book about…”
  • It takes all your restraint to not constantly correct grammar/spelling errors.
  • If you correct you grandparent’s birthday card with a red pen.
  • Whenever you’re at the bookstore or library, you automatically look for the spot where your books will one day be shelved. Or if you’re published, you to go where you know your books are shelved to see if anyone has checked them out/bought them, because you know how many were there last time.
  • Poorly written novels make you bipolar—elated knowing that you’re a better writer, and depressed because that hack got published and you can’t get past the acquisitions editor.
  • It takes you forever to send a text message on your cell phone because it has to be properly spelled and punctuated. “Chatspeak” is totally incomprehensible (not to mention totally annoying) to you.
  • When given an essay/paper assignment in school with a ten-page length requirement, the professor turns and looks at you and says, “That means ONLY ten pages!” Your response is, “Is eight-point font okay?”
  • You knew you’d never make it as a journalist when you realized you’d rather make up the story than chase down witnesses or experts for quotes and details.
  • You live in a constant state of “What if?”
  • You do everything you can think of to procrastinate from writing, then turn the light on in the middle of the night and furtively write a few hundred words because you feel guilty for not writing.
  • You don’t meet “new friends”; you meet “potential characters.”
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Useless Knowledge #thoughtiwouldshare

  • You’re almost twice as likely to die from lightening than an earthquake.
  • It is physically impossible to kill yourself by holding your breath. Well unless you’re underwater.
  • Autopsy: from the Greek word autopsia meaning “seeing with one’s own eyes.”
  • Taaphephobia: fear of being buried alive.
  • It takes 1 week to really shrink a head.
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The Pretty #shortstory #horror

The Pretty


The knife’s tip sunk easily into the flesh like butter. Just bringing a trickle of blood, and easy enough to wipe off. Her cries muffled by the handmade muzzle fastened to her face. She was a newspaper reporter, and had stumbled on me through investigation. And, well, I couldn’t let her tattle on me and the pretties. It was an added bonus that she had a very pretty pretty on her belly. I ignored her as I pressed the blade in deeper. I was cutting a bit deeper then I needed, but I didn’t seem to care. It was her fault, and I was still a bit angry with her. That and I wanted the pretty in perfect condition.

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A Book Bible #writingwends

For each book I create a book bible. Which is usually a notepad or binder depending on the story or if it’s a series.

The first part has the blurb, synopsis and plot lines and notes I would like to see in the next chapter. I usually mark them out as I write it. Or if I come up with a cool little scene while I am away from my computer I can add it for later.

The next part is character sheets. Main characters in the front all the way to characters who are just there. In there I like to describe them, relations, jobs and ambitions in the story. As the story moves along I note their changes. I usually break it up in good guys bad guys if there are some, and I always give them all a few extra pages. Like the growing story your characters change. If it’s a series it is certainly a helper.

The third part is places and things. In the book bible for Space Rebels I have the description and different rooms of the Marigold, the moon, mars, moons, and asteroid belts. In The Unicorn and The Serpent I have medieval jobs, words,  and of course the kingdom mapped out. So pretty much part three is the world building section.

Part 4 is usually a writing diary. Date and word counts and things to remember for editing. Everyone has their little thing.

So tell me do you have a niche to help you start a story?

Some untold facts about The Unicorn and the Serpent.

I wrote it out as a very short story in 2002. Later adding more and more until it is what it is.

I had just watched Dragon Heart.

It was Christmas Eve at exactly midnight when I finished the short story.

I wanted to make the story more character driven, with touches of fantasy.

I planned on doing another book many years later with Morgan’s blood line. I still might.

Remember to check out the giveaway for a signed paperback in the post below!!

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The Crying Stranger) Short Story

A luminous glow radiated around the silent figure. Her white skin untainted by the sun’s harsh touch, as her eyes twinkled like fiery green emeralds. Her straight, calf length auburn hair flowed around her like a red veil. Her naturally crimson lips moved as she sang to herself. The song seemed so right on this dark dreary night.

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Take those fantasies and turn them into books.

Have you ever just had a dream or fantasy and thought man that would make a good book? Ever thought you just wanted to try to write something? Stop thinking about it and do it. Push all the well I suck at grammar and spelling and all that negativity strapping you down from doing it. Outline and summarize your story. Even if it is short story.

Do it, write.

Don’t stop to reread.

Just do a little every day even if it is just a page. Write. Write until you are satisfied it is done. You write for yourself, not for fame or fortune, but to get the demons at bay. You write to help you cope with the boring 8-5 job. You do it because now you get to take that story you had inside, that fantasy and put it there so you can reread. It will not be easy, you will hate it, you will argue, you will get mad. But don’t give up, because you never know what you might have. You might even be a bestseller.

So DO IT or don’t.

There is no trying. Trying just leads to the darkside 🙂 , but in truth trying makes it easier for you to give up.

Do it.