It’s been a while…

A lot of things happened over the summer some good some really bad. Of course we went to our annual pirate fest in June, and we stopped in at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. Great place for the nerd in me to hang out for the day. I got to touch a dinosaur bone, mark that off the bucket list. But July was not so nice to my family. I lost my dog, almost lost my husband, suffered illness, and had home and mechanical problems. August brought in some good luck so far. My great niece was born yesterday. It was a hard birth, but mom and baby are fine. Miss Kinsley Maryann has some lungs on her. Today I finally have an itch to actually write. Because of the rough summer I have had no urge to even look at my computer or even work on anything. So maybe I can get back to it.


The Eccentric Lady El, Time Traveling Cryptozoologist #steampunk #justforfun #pirate


Good morning my awesome readers. Today me, my hubby, and our friends journey up north to modern time San Francisco. Here we plan on snapping a picture of the elusive T-Rex, enter a rainforest, and much more. All willing we survive the gas carriage ride up.

Tomorrow we will travel back to the golden age of piracy. Vallejo is home of one of the biggest pirate bashes of the year. We shall be hanging out with the great crew of the Silver Realm. I will be on the look out for mermaids, the kraken, and I have a few questions to ask a sea witch.

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Happy May!! #nerdlife

April allergies killed me… I had been really sick during winter that what should have been a short spring cold turned into a 2 week wtf… I have recovered yay! And getting back to the writing board. Books I hoped to be done, will be coming out later, and new projects will have to wait. If you are a signed up for my newsletter you will get a head start on May’s giveaway. I will be having a few starting soon. So keep an eye out. News on upcoming books will be hitting soon too. But with May Californian’s, like me, are prepping… 36987383

Summer is a battle here. Btw a raise of hands who here is a Game of Thrones fan. Are you excited about this season so far? I sure am. Last year at Zappcon I met the best John Snow cosplayer.


This year I have only one convention planned to have a table at that will be Colossus Con in Merced September 17th. But this July me and the hubby will be attending Modest Con in July just for the day. I totally got off topic there. Well I hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

February Wrap Up…

Okay so February is almost done…

What was accomplished?

deadpool_ver8Some writing… I am working on Blood Father book 2 of the Opposite Side and a new contemporary Rock Block. This book is a first because I am writing it in first person.Should be interesting. I already love Abby and Spencer.

Highlights… Deadpool! Oh it was a great fun watch. If you are easily offended not the movie for you. This movie is not for kids. I enjoyed it greatly. There were parts that had me in tears.

Books read… Not enough.

Next month… I have a blog hop!! Yay for free things! Hitting the writing pretty hard. Getting caught up on reading. I really need to do that. I am so behind on all my series.

Next month is going to be full of nerdy, wordy and a little bit dirty… More coming soon…

Checking out Pronoun #ampublishing

I have decided to remove Stone Guardians: Obsidian from kindle and have published through This will make the book available again on kindle, but also on Barnes & Noble, ibooks, Kobo, and google books. I am excited to see how this works. Right now you can get Stone Guardians on All Romance:

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Happy New Years #make2016abetteryear

I’m not one for resolutions. I will break them. But I am making sure to change some things up this year because it needs to happen.

On that note. I will be having some reading fun.


I did notice last year that I should have read more. So I will attempt to try. So be sure to see more book reviews…

I am a little bummed that the Tulare Sci-fi Con is not going on this year. But I am going to use the extra time to get more writing done. I had a good year with the release of Playing with Magic, Island of the Zombie King, and Stone Guardians: Obsidian. I am always looking for reviewers so if interested let me know.

Playing Magic12037616_10208208575795962_642220036_o










It is now time to focus on writing. I have a lot to work on sequels and new books that need to be written. So here is a little teaser on the newest one.


More coming soon. Stay tuned for a Sunday snippet tomorrow!

It’s done! Introducing the First Chapter of Stone Guardians: Obsidian

I am over being super sick, and now that Christmas is out of the way. I really hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have Stone Guardians: Obsidian finally finished and done. It should be available on Tuesday. But here is the first chapter for those who are interested! Enjoy.
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Happy October!


The weather is finally cooling down! I’ve been absent for a while. But I have some good mews! In a few days I will have a cover release for Island of the Zombie King! Which should be out next week! Also I have book 1 done in my Stone Warriors Series. Pushing for a December release date.

This month of course is 31 days of Halloween! I will be posting about Halloween stuff, plus I have some great guests who will be popping in to talk about Halloween.

Updates!! #event #tularescificon #newrelease

scificonSorry I have been MIA. There were some work changed at my day job, some health issues and more. But most importantly I have been getting stuff ready for my first convention table! I am nervous and excited all at the same time. The best thing is not only will I be neighbors with the talented Author JD Nelson, but across the way will be Krys Janae. So if you are in the Southern California area looking for a fun weekend thing to do you should come say HI!

Check out the fun stuff/people/fan tables at the website!

Now for some great updates. Playing with Magic the second Elemental Trilogy has a release date 3/17/14!!

Playing MagicAutumn is having new disturbing dreams. They have all left the mall, and have found a small town to live in. Life has mellowed out. Or so she thought. Autumn’s parents tell her a secret they have been holding since she was little. This one secret turns her world sideways. And then Rowan and River tell her they would like to go to Florida to see about their families. Turning her world upside down.

With her secret out in the open. Autumn and Anatha discover they each have a twin, and are given the opportunity to go with them to Fontane, a magical town where they were raised. Autumn thinks by going along she can stop the dreams and protect her guys. Being with their brothers feel right, but Autumn longs for both her men while a handsome witch ignites Anatha’s passions. But Fontane is ran by elders and the stars, and the elders will do whatever they can to make sure the elements fulfill their chosen path.

One thing after another goes wrong for all of them starting with a visit from a hellhound, a trip to jail, cannibals, sexy strangers, and a zombie cult. Will they survive to see their friends and families again? Or will Autumn’s dream come true?

One more bit to add look for the Cover Reveal of Falling Stars the sequel to Seeing Stars. My good friend Krys Janae read Seeing Stars and had questions so I let her write the sequel. Falling Stars takes you into Alisa’s world in Hollywood. I can tell you there were some turns I didn’t expect, and an ending that will make you go WTF?!? In a good way. I can say this maybe in Hollywood there are no happy endings.

Sorry been AWOL.

The time change kicks me in the butt every fall. I want to blame it on the time change anyway. I did email the winner of the hop. So this weekend coming up is my birthday. I am going to be giving another ebook away not sure which one, so keep an eye out. I am working on getting Playing with Magic done so I can release it. I am also writing away on Blood Father!  More updates coming soon.

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