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The Dark Side of Springwood

    Devious Connections


    Everyone has secrets…some are just darker than others.

    Dr. Brent Parker is well known for his success rate with patients, and once he gets wind of Jocelyn Barnes’s story he extends an invitation to her to appear on his reality show, Dr. Brent. As the Barnes prepare for their lives to be even more publicized with the arrival of the Dr. Brent crew, jury selection begins in Jocelyn’s trial.

    When a dead body found in Mercy Park draws a visit from the Barnes’ long estranged Aunt Liz, and their cousin Danielle, matters get complicated. As Jocelyn welcomes reconnecting with her cousin, other memories resurface that lead to devastating results.

    As dark secrets are revealed, twisted links to the past arise and taunt the Barnes family as they

deal with yet another deadly reality.

deal with yet another deadly reality


Valhalla Bound… A tribute to my dad.


Jerry Rocky Potts

April 6, 1956 – June 6, 2017

Today marks a full month since my dad passed away. Obituaries are expensive. So what a better way to pay tribute then on my blog.

Jerry was the youngest and only son to Richard and Mary Potts. He had 2 older sisters, Bonnie Potts and Penny Reedle. All waiting for him with open arms and a beer. Maybe a smack as well.

My grandfather Richard was a steel worker. And the family traveled all over the US as he worked on bridges and dams, most notably the Oroville Dam. He had plenty of ghost stories and tales he liked to tell about living in the southern states. The family came back to California and settled in Santa Maria. This is where he met the love of his life Eva Thomas.

They were married July 5, 1975, and at one time managed a motel in Merced. But mom got pregnant with me and they moved back to Santa Maria. I was Born in November 1979. My dad stated he was over protective of me. One halloween someone said something negative and lost an eye. I was dad’s son. I climbed trees, stole his whiskey shots, got to excited watching Rocky and wrestling.

18 months after I was born Sara was born. We lived in Santa Maria until I was about 6. We relocated to Atwater, where dad and mom got jobs building ladders and Windows. Soon mom went and got her CNA license and dad became a truck driver. Which he did until he retired. Jerika surprised us in 1991. Making the last of the Potts girls. Then we were living in Winton where we grew up, and were known by our dad. You were one of the Potts girls lol.

Dad loved motorcycles, a nice cold beer,  preferably Budweiser, a good movie, usually with Bruce Willis, and good music.

He left me with a love/hate relationship with zombies, a love of movies, a dark sense of humor, and the love of rock music.

His stories will live on. My favorites being he had dinner with Albert Einstein, and met Metallica at the McDonald’s in Fresno.

For those who knew him. Knew he was an asshole. But he was our asshole. And he never turned down our friends when they were in need of help. A lot of them became family knowing our house was a safe place.

RIP dad you will be missed, but at least I knew you were proud of all that I am. And he loved my mom, me, my sisters, and cousins so much.

Memorial will be July 29th.

Rediscovering Myself…

It has been a while since I posted. I am here  I am alive. I am waking up…

For the past year and half I have been hit with this crippling depression. When I thought about writing I would get a bad headache or cry. I love writing… But with this disease I could not find pleasure in anything. i couldn’t even read, and I LOVE to read. After a few doctor visits and a change in some medications. I noticing parts of myself that I missed.

In the past month I have read more then I have in a while. It’s back! The tickle, the need to write is coming back. The fun part, in which I didn’t notice I had lost, singing in the shower. I caught myself, but didn’t stop.

So Mondays I am going to be posting stories as I try to rediscover myself. Wednesdays I will post about writing. And Fridays will be Fan Girl Fridays. I have a lot of things to share.

So look forward to more from me, also cover reveals! I do plan on having The Opposite Side Book 2 out this October. I have an awesome cover to show. I also have one for my Starstruck novel Rock my Stars. I am hoping for a Winter release.

Cover Reveal for Krys Janae’s If I Should Wake

If I Should Wake - Official Cover
If I Should Wake

by Krys Janae
Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Independent)
Edited By: Christa Cunningham
Cover Artist: Kris Pittman, C & K Designs
Release Date: October 18th 2016*
*subject to change. Pre-Order announcement to follow.
Quote 1 - Bridge - If I Should Wake“Take the gift you’ve been given, and use it well…”
That was the last thing he ever said to me before he passed, and now he’s gone.
I can’t stay in Gillespie now. I’m going back to Blackwolf.
After several years away in the big city across the bay, Kassandra Drake rejoins her hometown of Blackwolf and tries to slip back into her old small-town life. Although things seem to be mostly where she left them when she made her departure years ago, she has to quickly make some decisions about her personal life. From her old friends, to an old flame, she reconciles with some and pushes away others.
Then, she meets the mysterious Caine Michaels at Archer Manor. Kassandra starts to experience things she never had before—strange occurrences—ranging from being starstruck, having flashes of déjà vu, debilitating headaches, and haunting dreams she hoped to leave behind in the city.
Kassandra soon finds herself in the company of the wealthy big-shot, Marcellus Ambrose. Try as she might, she cannot resist his requests for long. Mostly because his lackeys are a little out of the ordinary. With their help, she starts to piece together the true fortune inherited from her grandfather, the late Franklin Drake. Kassandra rapidly and eagerly grows into her role as she’s introduced to this newunderground world. While battling her own inner demons, Kassandra is forced to come face-to-face with the real evil stalking her steps.
Krys - Author PicABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Krys Janae, also known as Krys of All Trades, is an author, musician, voice-over artist, actress, gamer and geek from central California, and is a proud pet mom of her cats Lucy, Nova and Clementine. This is her first original novel after her debut novelFalling Stars (sequel to Ellie Potts’ Seeing Stars) released in March of 2015.
Find out more at, or follow her on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat / Tumblr @MsKrysD
…or on YouTube – Krys Janae

Jumping Genres Giveaway Hop


I like to write romance because it is a cross boundaries genre. You can jump from fantasy to sci-fi to contemporary to historical. I am not just a romance reader though. The last hop I talked about AVI who was one of the main authors who made me love reading when I was younger.

51+jiFY4cqL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Recently I just read Coreyography: A Memoir by Corey Feldman. I usually don’t read biographies. Most are not my cup of tea. But first off the writing was very well done. And I have to say that Corey Feldman does not blame anyone for what happened, but just explained the circumstances that made him a drug addict. I am a huge nerd of 80’s movies. He was my favorite Goonie, and of course my favorite Frog brother. To read how he struggled while he made these movies made me so sad. And when they became jokes to us oh so and so got DUI, and so and so was drugged up and arrested. But there is a reason for it, and it makes me sad. It made me sad that these kids I grew up watching went through the trauma they did. I am glad he made it though it, because not a lot of them did. For those who like me love movies of the 80’s this is a big recommend.

Blurb: Lovable child star by age ten, international teen idol by fifteen, and to this day a perennial pop-culture staple, Corey Feldman has not only spent the entirety of his life in the spotlight, he’s become just as famous for his off-screen exploits as for his roles in such classic films as Gremlins, The Goonies, and Stand by Me. He’s been linked to a slew of Hollywood starlets (including Drew Barrymore, Vanessa Marcil, and adult entertainer Ginger Lynn), shared a highly publicized friendship with Michael Jackson, and with his frequent costar Corey Haim enjoyed immeasurable success as one half of the wildly popular duo “The Two Coreys,” spawning seven films, a 1-900 number, and “Coreymania” in the process. What child of the eighties didn’t have a Corey Feldman poster hanging in her bedroom, or a pile of Tiger Beats stashed in his closet?

Now, in this brave and moving memoir, Corey is revealing the truth about what his life was like behind the scenes: His is a past that included physical, drug, and sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family from which he was emancipated at age fifteen, three high-profile arrests for drug possession, a nine-month stint in rehab, and a long, slow crawl back to the top of the box office.

While Corey has managed to overcome the traps that ensnared so many other entertainers of his generation—he’s still acting, is a touring musician, and is a proud father to his son, Zen—many of those closest to him haven’t been so lucky. In the span of one year, he mourned the passing of seven friends and family members, including Corey Haim and Michael Jackson. In the wake of those tragedies, he’s spoken publicly about the dark side of fame, lobbied for legislation affording greater protections for children in the entertainment industry, and lifted the lid off of what he calls Hollywood’s biggest secret.

Giveaway Time!!

I am going to be giving away a super secret giveaway bag. Books, swag and more. I will say there will be something 80s, some secret but special stuffs, and a couple books. How does one apply for said giveaway. I have a question. What is a new genre you have tried and liked that you thought you normally wouldn’t and what book do you highly recommend. Make sure you leave your email.

So like always check back for more recommendations. I am trying trying to catch back up on my reading. 🙂

Have fun along the hop.

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Day 7 of the Raining Romance Blog Hop #giveaway #paranormal #romance


A new day a new free book. For today and tomorrow I will be giving away Blood Witch a paranormal romance.


Welcome to the Opposite Side where monsters really do roam the night, but The Supervisors make sure that the monsters don’t get noticed by the normal humans. Meet Leslie, a Supervisor and a blood witch, one of four in California. Blood witches are said to have powers that rival gods, that’s why they were almost hunted to extinction. Leslie came into her power late, and fell in with the wrong crowd before she became a Supervisor. Nathan is king of the local werebear clan, and he has plans for the future of his pack, the other local shapeshifters, but also has his eyes set on Leslie. She is not your ordinaryBlood Witch, and together they can stir up power that the world has never seen. But nothing is as it seems in the Opposite Side, and Leslie’s already different world is going to be shaken as a new case starts a chain of events that can lead to a feud war.

Get it here!

Also as a reminder about a $10 amazon gift card. I am going to make this easy. Post your favorite thing about spring and your email.
Thanks for hopping in I hope you have fun hopping through the other blogs!

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We Don’t Really Talk About That…

Great read!

Beautiful Mistakes

Everybody knows the point of writing a romance novel is to keep it sexy. But as I was going through my evening routine last night, I got to thinking… There really is a whole bunch of stuff we leave to the imagination, and with good reason.

Nobody suffers gastrointestinal discomfort in romance novels. Our characters don’t face the sudden urge to pee that sends them out of bed and fleeing for their lives to the bathroom. They don’t have to worry about foot odor or chafing or rashes. It’s rare we see our heroine going through the motions of shaving her legs or waxing her eyebrows, because she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t agonize over her man seeing that little pimple on her shoulder, because that pimple doesn’t exist. Our heroines are always runway perfect, even when they have bad breath and bed head. Hell, even their bad breath is…

View original post 417 more words

Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop Winner!

Thank you all for sharing your lovely lucky stories. Right now when there is ugly in the world we overlook the good stuff. I loved them all. My lucky moments were finding my husband, him surviving heart surgery, moving to Visalia, getting a job that is not retail… That’s just some. Thank you all again! ❤❤

The winner of the hop is Brenda Callahan! An email has been sent. As a reminder the April newsletter will go out soon with more info on the next giveaway.