Moan Monday! Playing with Magic!

“Not hungry?” Rowan asked as he and River sat at the table with Autumn.

“I’m a little nauseated.” She looked down at the great pasta dinner he had created. “I’m sorry, it looks great though.”

“Worried,” River said eating a bite of the homemade pasta. He closed his eyes. “Mmm. Rowan you are amazing.”

Rowan bent over and kissed him. “Thanks babe.”

Autumn sat watching them. “I just can’t think of us being apart.”

River took another bite as Rowan took his bowl. “Wait no,” he said in small voice.

“It’s okay we can finish later,” Hr grabbed Autumn’s bowl and put it on the counter. He came back to her and grabbed her hand pulling her to her feet. He kissed her long and deep. Pressing her back on the table. He looked over at River. “Let’s have desert first.”

Rowan slowly undressed Autumn. Raining kisses on the flesh he uncovered. He turned her around so she face the table, he used his hand on her back to bend her forward. She said nothing but did as he instructed. He removed her pants and then her panties. He kissed her back as he got on his knees.