Sunday Snippets are Back! Playing with Magic #sundaysnippet #comingsoon

Playing MagicPlaying with Magic the second Elemental book will be out this month. This one is just as dirty as the first possibly dirtier so be warned 😉 But here is a not dirty snippet!

Stefan smelled the cooking meat, and his stomach cramped up. It grumbled loudly, and he looked around, seeing if anyone noticed. The hunger grabbed his body, squeezing it painfully. His hands were shaking violently, so he put them on his legs, hiding them under the table. Finally the dark presence in his body surfaced, making him lose control. His eyes went to River’s arm then he looked left, then right, and when he was sure no one was watching, he bent down and licked it.

River jumped up. “Ah gross!” He wiped at his arm. “Why did you do that?” He shouted, rubbing his hand on Stefan’s shirt.

A growl escaped his lips, and there was vibrating his chest. He rolled River’s taste inside his mouth with his tongue and liked how he tasted. His eyes shot to him; staring, watching his prey. Drool dribbled down his chin as he growled again.  He moved onto the bench and pounced on River. They rolled around on the ground, while River screamed, pushing Stefan’s snarling snapping teeth away from his neck.

“Stefan, what the hell are you doing?” Autumn wanted to help, but the thought of his aura sucking her empty made her hesitate.

“Help!” River screamed.  “Helllllp!”

“What is wrong with him?” Anatha asked her brother.

“I don’t know,” he replied with a hesitant smile.

Adair made a weird squeaking noise and jumped at Stefan’s head. Stefan’s red eyes went to the monkey. He licked his lips, untangling himself from River. Walking on his hands and feet, he chased after Adair. River and Rowan watched Stefan run around in a circle as he barked at the air. They exchanged confused glances and went back staring at their friend.

“Umm,” Linden said as he put down a bowl of salad. He watched Stefan. “I think Stefan’s finally snapped.”

Drake walked up with Envy. “What did we miss?” He watched Stefan.

Aarawn walked over to Mabon. “You get his arms, and I’ll get his feet.”

“I’ll help,” Rowan said.

The three spread out around Stefan, who was still chasing Adair. “Now,” Mabon said as he and Rowan grabbed his arms as he ran by. They pulled him to the ground. Aarawn grabbed his feet.

“It’s about time,” Adair said, leaning against the picnic table, breathing hard. “Angel should have been here. He would have enjoyed watching me get chased.” He wiped his monkey paw over his furry forehead. “I’m not cut out for this kind of exercise.”

Stefan snarled at them, whipping his head left to right as he snapped his teeth at the guys. Rowan cringed, almost letting go. Autumn came over with a small bag. She got to her knees and poured the contents of the bag in her hand.

“Sand?” Mabon asked, fighting with Stefan.

“Earth.” She looked down at Stefan and sprinkled some on his forehead. “Trap of sand, trap this bane and evil will.” She sprinkled more. “Trap of sand, I place a bind upon Stefan.” His body went immobile in their hands, and he looked up at her.

“What happened? What’s happening to me?”

She stroked his head. “I don’t know.”

“You, my friend, are possessed,” Aarawn replied.

“Can we let him go?” Rowan asked.

“Yeah, he’s okay for now.” Autumn felt the darkness ease around Stefan. Hiding?

They let him go and gave him room to sit up. “Possessed by what?” he asked, rubbing his head. Hunger still gripped him but controllable now.  His eyes widened as he looked over at Adair, and then River. He got to his feet, wanting to apologize.

“I don’t know, but we have to find out,” Mabon said, watching him go over to the picnic table.

River moved over, making a cross with his fingers. “Away, evil demon!”

“I think that only works for vampires.” Drake shook his head, trying not to laugh.

“He tried to bite me!”

“Actually, it looked like he was going to eat you,” Aarawn pointed out. River shuddered and got up, walking to the other side of the table.

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Sunday Snippet Coming Soon Seeing Stars!

“Ah yes, my extra is here!” Christian came walking over to them. He had on nice jeans and a blue button down shirt. “Follow me.” He started zigzagging through the crowd  to a large chair surrounded by people who looked bored.

“You sit here,” he said, “and Alisa sits on your lap back to the camera.”

“What?” she said brows pulled together.

“You’ll be fine. No lines. So you straddle his lap.” He looked at Logan. “Sit down and get comfy.”

Logan sat down.

“I really think maybe someone else should do this.”

“It will be another extra. And I want him to know this person on his lap.”

“Come on Alisa, your back will be to the camera,” Logan said.

Alisa looked from Logan to Christian and Logan again. She heaved a sigh, knowing she was not going to get out of it.

“Fine,” she said and straddled his lap.

Logan’s hands snaked down to her hold her hips.

“Yes,” Christian said. “So, when I walk through the first time you guys will be like this.”

“First time?” Alisa said.

“Yes. I will walk through with a few friends chatting. We will pause about here.” He took a few steps to the left and stopped. “I want everyone to be chatting, laughing, and flirting. It’s a party so do what you would do.”

“Now the second time I walk through, I will stop by you and ask—‘Have you seen Darla?’ and you are going to look from Alisa to me and say—‘No, don’t you see I am busy?’”

“Easy enough,” Logan said.

Christian clapped his hands. “Good. Okay, let’s get this started.” He left the room.

“I am nervous,” Alisa whispered.

“It’s okay. You’ll be fine.”

“Action!” Screamed Christian from the other room. Alisa peeked around at the other people who suddenly came alive.

“I can get used to this,” Logan whispered.

She looked at him. “I bet.”

He smiled as his eyes went to the opening of the other room. “I am going to flirt with you. You don’t have to do much just follow my lead.”

Christian and some others walked in talking loud. Logan reached out taking some of her hair in his hand.

“Focus on me. Not them.”

“Got it,” she whispered.

She watched as he took in her face, and his face got soft and those hazel eyes were warm and caring. He leaned forward slowly, and brushed his lips against hers. He smelled so good, and even though she was surrounded by strangers she liked this position too. Being close to him. Any anger she had against him had evaporated.

He leaned in and nipped at her neck, making her give a small giggle as she wiggled on his lap. Which as she did it knew it was a bad move. She could feel him grow hard through the jeans.

“CUT!” Christian shouted.

“You drive me mad,” Logan whispered.

“Sorry,” she said feeling that it was necessary to apologize.

A few minutes later Christian walked into the room. “That was great. I don’t have to redo it, perfect. Now on this one, Alisa, remove your shirt.”

“Christian, I don’t think that is necessary,” Logan said frowning at his friend and his hands pulled her closer to his body.

“The party has been going for some time. Everyone will be drunk and getting crazy.” That explained why people were leaving and new people were coming in. Some had makeup smears, and disheveled clothing.

“Alisa has to take off her shirt. The scene asks for the same girl to be topless on your lap.”

“Maybe you should have mentioned that before. She is not an actor or extra. She is not used to this,” Logan said.

“We can do the other scene again with another girl on your lap if you would like.”

Logan looked at her.

She thought of watching another girl on his lap topless. “I’ll do it.”

“See, she’s a team player!” he said.

“You sure? Because I can just have him redo this.”

“I’m okay,” she said nodding.

“So, shirt off.”

“Everyone give her a moment and turn around,” Logan said closing his eyes. She looked around and saw everyone had turned away and quickly pulled her shirt off, pulling it over the front of her covering herself.

“Okay,” Alyssa said.

“Nice tattoo!” Christian said.

Alisa made a face as Logan tried to look around her and see for himself. “It is stick figure zombies,” she whispered, “A birthday present.”

Christian came over to them. “So the shirt is going to have to go. You can’t be holding onto it. You have to look like you are getting into the mood.”

“Press into me,” Logan said sitting a little straighter. She did.

“Yes,” Christian said pulling the shirt from between them. “Hands around his neck or on his shoulders. Have fun with it. By the way, nice bra.”

Alisa face heated up. She wrapped her arms around Logan’s neck and hid her face against his neck. She could smell the soap he used this morning, and the almost fruity smell of the gel he used in his hair. He smelt so good.

“Okay everything looks pretty good,” Christian said running into the other room.

“Action!” He shouted.

“Alisa,” Logan whispered making her look at him. “You ready?”

She gave a small shrug. “I guess.”

His hands moved slowly up and down her bare back. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

She moved forward and gently pushed her lips against his. He sucked on her bottom lip as she pulled away. There was a need in his eyes that she had seen before, and a sadness which made her chest tight. She wanted to erase that sadness. She kissed him again, and he kissed her back. She opened to his mouth and he hungrily dove in. The world faded and it was just them, their mouths locked against each other, her body pushed against his, the bulge, now bigger, rubbing between her legs.

He pulled away from her kiss and kissed her chin, his lips made small kisses along her jaw line. His hands were so warm against her skin. “You drive me mad,” he whispered in her ear so only she could hear him. He kissed her shoulder pausing.

“Have you seen Darla?”

“No, can’t you see I’m busy?” he said, kissing Alisa’s bare shoulder.

“Sorry,” Christian said, walking away.

“Cock blocker,” Logan whispered to Alisa making her giggle.

“CUT!” Christian shouted as Logan held Alisa protectively against him. Five minutes later, Christian walked into the room.

“This scene came out perfect. You are awesome, my man,” he said. The two fist bumped.

This happened…

Yes this just happened tonight. I really hope everyone enjoys the book the second book in the series Playing with Magic will be out in August. And for those who have already read it please give me a review and well how about a dirty tease from Playing with Magic?

Rough Draft but here you go…

Anatha had watched Autumn talk to the elders and the power play. She had shrugged it off and enjoyed feeling normal with Davies. He danced just as good as her, matched each move with her own. She let the music tale her over, and she could feel her magic wrap around her as the music called to it. It inflamed her. Davies touched her arm. The one touch lingered, and made her body want more. If she felt this way about Davies then she must not really love Jaime. Was she just waiting for someone who inflamed her like the super hot Davies.

Her burgundy eyes flamed as she watched him twist and move to the beats. It made her think of darker and dirtier things with moves like that. She bit her bottom lip as things inside of her clenched with lust.

When the song ended Davies leaned into her. “You are a hot dancer.”

Her face turned a little scarlet. “Thanks.”

“You want to go outside and get some air?”

She nodded noticing how hot she had become. “Sounds good.”

They walked through the swaying crowd and finally moved out to through the backdoor. The crisp clean air hit them. Anatha paused taking in a big breath. Her eyes went to the stars above them. She could still feel her skin tingling with the music, magic and Davies’s touch.

“You okay?” he asked her coming close.

“Yes,” she said and realized they were all by themselves there in the dark. “I was just enjoying the fresh air.”

He ran his fingers lightly down her bare arm and she fought the shiver. “I felt your magic in there when you danced. I won’t lie and say that it did not turn me on, because it did.”

Her eyes widened. “Well thanks,” she said.

His hand wrapped around her arm. “You know it isn’t even that. You are sexy.” Before she could say anything he kissed her. The shock of it made her pause but as his arms pulled her against his rock hard body she melted into him. Her body tightened as her heart raced while his tongue teased and played around in her mouth.

A slight moan escaped her throat as his hands slipped under her tank top. Big manly work hands glided up her sides as his eager mouth kissed along her neck. He pulled his hands out and turned her around quickly. He held her to him as bent down to kiss along her neck.

“I want you so much Anatha,” he whispered between kisses. “I have never wanted a woman as much as I want you.”

Her eyes were closed enjoy the feel of his lips on her neck and shoulders. His hands went back under her shirt and rubbed along her stomach and moved up until each hand cupped a breast. He kneaded over and over again making her insides warm and clench.

Late dirty tease! Blood Witch…

The cub screamed, and Leslie could see that his body had enough and decided on changing. “This is going to get dirty.”

“Don’t panic,” he said, shooting her a quick look, trying not to keep his attention off the cub too long.

“Too late,” she said, trying to calm her heart. All she needed to do was make herself a big enough target.

He came to her, and held her face in his big hands. The electricity flared. Her magic started to break through, which happened when her emotions were high. “Breathe,” he whispered to her.

“I know what happens to the newly changed. They’re hungry.”

He nodded, and leaned his forehead to hers. “I can’t stop it. This is going to be ugly, just close your eyes okay.”

She did, but she could hear everything, all his bones breaking and reknitting themselves together. The sound was in-between a dog drinking water, and a messy eater eating something very gross. His screams turned to roars. Finally, after all the bones we reknitted, the cub gave a roar that shook the small room they were trapped in. Nathan turned, keeping his back pressed to her, blocking her view. She did what she believed was the stupidest move ever, but couldn’t help herself; she wrapped her arms around him. The flare of the electricity that entered her body, made her weak, and she leaned her head against the back of his neck.

The more skin that she pressed against him, the more of the electrical feeling zapped through her. But then something else happened. Her magic opened, but it didn’t go wild. Instead, it touched Nathan’s beast. His power flowed from him, mingling with hers. For a second, they were nothing but magic. And then as one they looked at the cub, angry and hungry as it slowly advanced on them fully in bear form. As one, they willed it to sleep. And it did just that. It lay down in the water and went to sleep, the bear body slowly turning back to human.

Nathan turned in her arms, and moved his face in close to hers. She thought he would lick her cut again, but instead he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her hard. Her arms moved up to circle around his broad neck, as she kissed him back with feverish want. He pressed his body against her, hard, ready. She could sense his need, his want, and it matched hers in every way. Her hands had tangled themselves in his long, blondish brown hair when he finally broke the kiss.

“What the hell was that?” he finally said and went to the boy. He picked him up from out of the water and laid him on an old wood counter.

“A kiss,” she murmured, wanting him to kiss her more, touch her. She sighed.

“I know what that was, I mean that,” he said, motioning to the boy.

“Magic,” she said, looking down into the water. “But different.” She thought of the life of the magic. There seemed no death in it. No scary, as she was used to thinking of it.

“I’ve never fought the moon. But we did it. Your blood tastes of bear and magic.”

The door above them exploded in, shaking the roof above them dangerously. Nathan covered her from the falling wood splinters as best he could. “Never fear,” Collin said, “The cavalry is here.”

“Was that explosives?” Leslie shouted, barely able to hear over the loud ringing in her ears. She would have to get her ears checked. They were getting a lot of damage lately.

“Sure was. Hell with your magic. Give me enough boom, and I can get through anything,” Collin said. He turned looking at someone. “Found your brother, too.”

Sunday Snippet! The Unicorn and the Serpent

Image“You look ill,” Grady said, touching her face.

She stared at the fire. “Father is in talks; they plan on a fall wedding. I have lost,” she said, as silent tears ran down her face. “Father and I are to go to their kingdom for the summer.” She looked up at them. “What will I do now?”

Grady flinched, moving his arm to put around her shoulder. “I think it is time we left,” Coyle said, pushing Ryan from the small hut.

He pulled her against him after they were sure the others were gone. She looked at the cuts that had already been cleaned. “I am sorry,” she whispered.

“Do not be,” he whispered back, moving hair out of her face. “It worked, did it not?”

“Yes,” she said, and he kissed her with need. He moved her to his lap as she kissed back, sighing in his mouth as hands traveled along the curve of her body. She had needed his touch. He kissed along her jaw making his way to her neck. His kisses ran hot on her skin. He grabbed the laces on her bodice, untied them and started to pull the string out.

“To slow,” she whispered as she pulled her dagger from her thigh sheath, handing it to him. He sliced the blade through the rest of them. He pulled off the chemise looking at her naked, beautiful chest. He kissed her bare skin bringing little moans from her.

He stopped, looking at her. “Do you wish this?”

“I pledge myself to you tonight before the god and goddess. I give you my life, my soul, my heart.”

“I pledge myself to you tonight before the god and goddess. I give you my life, my soul, my heart,” he whispered back, and they shared their words with a kiss…

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A dirty tease! (Awaken the Elements)

Summer was coming to a close. Autumn tried to avoid both Rowan and River, but her body betrayed her. Sometimes she wished to hunt Rowan down and rip off his clothes. Other times he tried to get her alone, almost making it too obvious. But like always, she held herself together.

She found herself alone in the funhouse. She slowly walked through the passages, stopped on a spinning portion of the ground, and spun herself a few times. There was a little nook that she liked to sit in in this passage. The mall was huge, but alone time was still hard to come by.

River’s voice echoed through there, “Marco!”

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Polo! Past the mirrors.” Waiting, she scrunched up her nose in the funny mirror across from her. He walked into the archway.

“You alone?” he asked, looking around.

She nodded. “Something wrong?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” He walked over to her. “Autumn, I know you have been avoiding me. I think others are noticing as well.”

She looked away. “I just need some time alone. I am feeling a little overwhelmed.” She got up and walked through the passageway, hitting the moving floor planks. River followed, spinning.

“Sorry,” he said when they spun to face each other. He jumped to the next one, spinning. She laughed, doing the same thing.

“It’s okay.” She jumped to the passage. Did a come-hither motion and disappeared into the blackout room.

She made it into the ball room and flattened herself along the wall. He ran into the room and looked down into the ball pit. She quietly moved, reaching out to push him in, but he turned on her, grabbing her arms. They crashed into the ball pit together, laughing.

She rolled away and tossed a ball at him. Not ready for it, the ball bonked him on the head.

“Why you!” he said and jumped at her. She rolled away. He grabbed a ball and hit her on the head.


“Whatcha going to do?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at her.

She grabbed a ball in each hand, but before she could throw them, he lunged, grabbing her hands. As the laughter died down she noticed how close his dark blue eyes were. His face was within kissing distance. Her hands dropped the balls, and he laced his fingers in hers. Startling her, he pressed his lush lips against hers. His kiss felt needy as he nipped her lip, trying to get her to open her mouth. She obliged.

He pulled her into his lap as the kiss deepened. She squirmed on his bulge which made him moan. He gently kissed along her jaw and down her neck. His lips skimmed the top of her V-neck then worked their way back up to land on her lips. His lips were driving her mad. They made her sensitive skin tingle. His kisses and nips brought forth little noises from her.

Her hands slid under his shirt, and she made her way up his tight abs. He had the best body she had ever felt and seen on the big screen. He had muscles but not like a bodybuilder. She wanted to see his perfect naked body, now in person.

“Off,” she said, tugging his shirt.

He bunched his shirt up and slowly removed it, tossing it out of the pit. Her hands moved over his chiseled chest and up to his perfect shoulders. Perfect.

“Off?” he asked, giving her shirt a gentle tug. She pulled her shirt off. He looked at her with hungry eyes, stopping on her lacy bra. “Off?”

She nodded, but his hands where already behind her, working on the clasp. He undid it like a pro and kissed each shoulder as he pulled it off. He tossed it out of the pit. A fire, a need, burned in her.

Another dirty tease!

Another dirty tease from my upcoming Awaken the Elements!

Before the movie even began, Rowan pulled Autumn into a kiss. His hands were under her shirt, touching her bare skin. River was behind her, lips kissing along her neck. They led her back through the curtains to one of the beds. Her brain started to panic.

“I   ” she said.

“Shh,” River said, and he helped Rowan remove her shirt. They each took off their shirts, and she felt her face heat up as she eyed their bare chests. Both were perfectly built with hard abs and nice shoulders. Her heart sped up as they dropped their pants.  She felt faint.

“Oh,” she gasped, taking in their bodies together. She thought being in the mall would have ruined their perfect bodies, but nope.

A Dirty Tease of Awaken the Elements!

She looked over the boxes of soil. “My own greenhouse. I don’t know where to start.” But she was already moving. He had unpacked the seeds, separating herbs and vegetables. She ripped open a packet and went to the closest box. Her hands dug into the soil, and something in her relaxed. She smiled as she planted her seeds. Hours went by as they chatted, and finally she finished with her last bag of seeds.

She turned to the guys. “I don’t want to freak you out,” she said, unsure of herself.

“What?” River asked, having watched her as Rowan shook himself awake from the nap he had fallen into.

“My thing   ” she said, holding her hands out and making fists.

“Your magic,” he said.

She nodded. “I don’t know what will happen.”

“Go on,” Rowan said, and River nodded.

She closed her eyes and reached into her inner self. Her body flared with magic when she opened them. She turned, creating a power circle.  It flared to life easily. She did not know if it would or not, but her magic knew more than she did. She took in an unsteady breath and walked over to the closest soil box and shoved her hand in the dirt. She could feel her power push through her body, into her arm, and through her fingers.  Before it left, she envisioned weaving her intent with the soil and the seeds. Autumn felt the spell leave her, and she could sense the dormant life. Her magic attacked them, feeding them, and they began to root. She walked to each box and repeated the process.

The power continued to build even after the last box. She blinked, looking out the window to the dead trees in the orchard.  Her magic reached out and brought them back to life. Dormant but alive, waiting for spring. But her magic wasn’t done yet. She turned and looked at the guys. Her small spell in the pumpkin bread lingered, and she could feel everyone in the mall. She could feel their sensations, their needs. It all made perfect sense to her; they were all creatures of Earth, and she could feel it all.

“Adair,” The guys looked around trying to see who she was talking to. “I can’t turn it off.”

“Release the circle. You need to release the power,” Adair responded.


He whispered something, and she frowned. She closed her eyes and released the circle. The magic pressure released like a bubble. She felt a little better after her ears popped, but the magic build up was still flaring inside her body. She walked over to Rowan and kissed him. It started soft, but the magic enveloped her, and she fell into the kiss, her hands grabbing his hair as she thought he would crawl into her mouth. She broke away.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

She laughed and latched her throbbing lips to River’s. He kissed her back with the need of the magic. His hands grabbed her, pulling her to his lap. He stopped the kiss much to her frustration, and Rowan helped him remove her shirt. River’s mouth ravished hers. She felt Rowan unhook her bra. He kissed a shoulder as he slid a strap off. When it fell away, his hands greedily grabbed her breasts. His lips kissed along her neck. Her skin tingled with each touch, making her ache, longing for more. She could feel the magic lessen as her body shivered with need. She wiggled on River’s lap, making him moan in her mouth.

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