Rediscovering Myself…

It has been a while since I posted. I am here  I am alive. I am waking up…

For the past year and half I have been hit with this crippling depression. When I thought about writing I would get a bad headache or cry. I love writing… But with this disease I could not find pleasure in anything. i couldn’t even read, and I LOVE to read. After a few doctor visits and a change in some medications. I noticing parts of myself that I missed.

In the past month I have read more then I have in a while. It’s back! The tickle, the need to write is coming back. The fun part, in which I didn’t notice I had lost, singing in the shower. I caught myself, but didn’t stop.

So Mondays I am going to be posting stories as I try to rediscover myself. Wednesdays I will post about writing. And Fridays will be Fan Girl Fridays. I have a lot of things to share.

So look forward to more from me, also cover reveals! I do plan on having The Opposite Side Book 2 out this October. I have an awesome cover to show. I also have one for my Starstruck novel Rock my Stars. I am hoping for a Winter release.


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