Dakota Trace Stops in to talk about her new book! #blogtour

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

3744330 – napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

Hi everyone!  Before we kick this crazy stop off, I’d like to take a second to thank the lovely Ellie Potts for allowing me and my cranky muse hijack her blog for the day.  Ms. Ellie is a veteran recipient of Livvy’s antics and the fact she let us come back….well that’s a miracle. Speaking of muse…where the hell is she?

*looks around*

Well, damn.  I could’ve swore this was supposed to be the next stop on our tour…  *pulls out list*   “Yeah, today’s the 13th.  *narrows eyes*  I definitely shouldn’t have trusted her to keep to our schedule….something must have distracted her again.

“That would be my master.”

*turns to see redhead just behind me*  Wow, Alyce!  I wasn’t expecting you to be here. *flushes*  I swear I’ll deliver on my promise.  Just as soon as I get the rest of the stuff back from Livvy.  IN fact, she was supposed to bring the next item here…and as usual she didn’t pay attention.

“That would be this item, correct?”   *holds up ginger*

Yeah, that’s it.  How did you get it from her?

*arches a brow*  “Like I’m gonna let her bring something so evil into my home. Do you know what Sir would do if he caught a glimpse of this…”


Enter a caption

“Ummm, something tells me it doesn’t have anything to do with food…”

*shudders*   Highly unlikely.  Ever since he read in one of Nicky’s books about ginger being used to…ah…stimulate…certain areas, I’ve had to keep him out of the produce section at the grocery store.  There was no way in hell I was letting your muse in the front door with one.”

Poor thing.  *struggled to hold in my laughter*  But I can totally understand, no one wants something like this….*takes the ginger* …put where the sun don’t shine.  Maybe I should have a talk with him?

*eyes widen*  “No! Don’t do that, he’ll say I’m topping from the bottom again.  And lord knows I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.”

Too true. *wrapping an arm around her and giving her a brief squeeze* you’re secret is safe with me.   And thanks for bringing to me. It means we’re one step closer to find all the items to make you a delicious pie.

*turns to readers*

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

3744330 – napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

Just in case you missed it, we’re hunting down the items my dang muse stole, so I can make Alyce and her sweet daughter a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving….all you have to do is enter is enter each clue on the rafflecopter thingy below.  And you’ll earn a chance to win a pretty cool prize from me.   A complete signed print set of the Doms of Napa (1-3), a paracord flogger that I’ll be getting back from Livvy, and some pretty sweet swag.


“I’ll be drawing a winner from the entries on the 19th and posting it on my author facebook page.   Now, I’m off to go wrestle away that flogger from my stubborn muse.  *scratches chin*  Did I forget anything?  Oh yeah, I guess I did.  Benevolent Master, will be on sale up throw the 18th, for $2.99 (which is nearly half off of the original $4.99 cover price.)   So clicky here if you want to save, because on the 19th, the price goes back up.  😀

Again a big thank you to Ellie Potts  for allowing me to take over her blog today.  Be sure to catch me and Livvy tomorrow at V.S. Morgan’s blog.

3744330 - napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

3744330 – napa valley vineyard sunset on a grunge background.

To find out more about Dakota’s Work – CLICK HERE




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