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Well hello friends it’s time for a new giveaway hop. I am going to be giving away a $10 gift card for winners choice of amazon or fandango. Question will be down after my today’s suggestion.

When I was in the second grade I was tested at below kindergarten reading. I had to attend a special reading class, which was kind of like a speech therapy class. It was thanks to these teachers that I learned I loved to read. They helped me a lot with the simple words I had so much trouble with. And to this day I still sing out H-O-U-S-E. Like Mickey Mouse. Once I got my own library card I was hooked. I found, and fell in love with Avi.

Starting with Something Upstairs When 12-year-old Kenny Huldorf moves to Providence, Rhode Island, he soon discovers that his attic bedroom is haunted by the ghost of a teenage slave named Caleb. Before long, Caleb summons Kenny back in time, where Kenny finds himself entangled in Caleb’s murder and deeply troubled by the century-old injustice. Ultimately, it is up to Kenny to solve Caleb’s murder or remain forever trapped in history.

51E2kIfxfOL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Next up Devil’s Race Sixteen-year-old John Proud discovers his family’s dark secret’in 1854 an ancestral namesake confessed to being a demon. Now John finds himself battling his ancestor who is trying to use John for an evil purpose.

The Blue Heron As Maggie approaches her thirteenth birthday, she wants to believe that some kind of magic can stop the changes all around her. Her visit with her father and his new family at a lakeside cabin makes her wonder. Will he still love her as much, now that he has a new family, or will he love her baby half-sister more? Her father seems troubled and withdrawn and, while he insists nothing is wrong, she worries.

Alone with her own secret thoughts, Maggie finds comfort in the beautiful blue heron she visits at the lake every morning. With each visit, she grows more attached to the bird, and she becomes aware that someone else is watching, too — someone who’s putting the bird in great danger. Through her determination to protect the bird, Maggie begins to understand the magic of change in her own life, and in the constantly changing world around her.

51XaNXsSXdL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_Romeo and Juliet Together (and alive!) At Last. Star-crossed love. Betrayal. Death. Comedy?

Peter Saltz (Saltz to his friends) and Anabell Stackpoole like each other, but they’re too shy to do anything about it. Thank goodness for Saltz’s best friend, Ed Sitrow, who masterminds an eighth grade production of Romeo & Juliet-starring none other than Saltz and Stackpoole as Romeo and Juliet. But getting the two reluctant lovebirds together is a bigger task than anyone anticipated, even with Shakespeare’s help.

And the other I really liked was Nothing But the Truth Ninth-grader, Philip Malloy, is kept from joining the track team by his failing grades in English class. Convinced that the teacher just doesn’t like him, Philip concocts a plan to get transferred out of her class. Breaking the school’s policy of silence during the national anthem, he hums along, and ends up in a crisis at the center of the nation’s attention.

As an adult you can read these, or read them with your kids. He has a lot more, and it is totally worth it.

So here is the question to be entered into the Giveaway Hop. What is the book that made you fall in love with reading? Make sure you leave your email. And stop in for during the next 2 weeks cause I will be recommend a lot more favorites.

Giveaway link!

And I hope you have fun hopping along the hop 🙂

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46 comments on “May I Suggest Giveaway Hop #giveaway

  1. Goosebumps books. I HATED reading when I when I was younger, but, they were short, so I started reading them. They were easy to finish, so I’d usually bring at least two with me to school.

  2. The first book I ever read was Go Dog Go. Ever since reading it, I was hooked! Reading has been a passion of mine since I was a child. 🙂

  3. I don’t know… I always enjoyed reading books as a kid, Barestein Bears, Dr. Suess, and much more.

  4. I would say Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. It was close to the first romance book that I read many years ago and it is still my all time favorite book.

    Judy Cox

  5. I have always enjoyed reading. One of the first book series I started reading was the Tomorrow series by John Marsden.

  6. Oh probably one from when i was super super young … I have always loved reading but really…. recently more so fell in love with reading during the goddess summouning series.

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