Happy May!! #nerdlife

April allergies killed me… I had been really sick during winter that what should have been a short spring cold turned into a 2 week wtf… I have recovered yay! And getting back to the writing board. Books I hoped to be done, will be coming out later, and new projects will have to wait. If you are a signed up for my newsletter you will get a head start on May’s giveaway. I will be having a few starting soon. So keep an eye out. News on upcoming books will be hitting soon too. But with May Californian’s, like me, are prepping… 36987383

Summer is a battle here. Btw a raise of hands who here is a Game of Thrones fan. Are you excited about this season so far? I sure am. Last year at Zappcon I met the best John Snow cosplayer.


This year I have only one convention planned to have a table at that will be Colossus Con in Merced September 17th. But this July me and the hubby will be attending Modest Con in July just for the day. I totally got off topic there. Well I hope you had a great weekend. 🙂

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