Stone Guardians snippet… #sundaysnippet #vampire

12197562_10208440220106925_1594265615_oBefore she could finish Trea had pulled her ankle dagger and slit the girl’s throat. She dragged her off into the woods. Vilem not sure what to do followed after them.

In the woods he came upon her feasting on the girls wound. He had never been around human blood. His father had told him the only way to follow the path of the Goddess was to drink from animals they hunted. The smell hit him. It was the sweetest thing he had ever smelt. He walked closer.

Trea made wet slurping sounds, the girl now dead. Vilem could see that her spirit had left the open eyes. Those dead eyes stared up at him almost accusing him. A small voice in his head told him to turn away. Just go home. To leave Trea to her bloodlust. He could live without her. He shook his head. He loved her. He wanted to be with her forever.

She looked up at him. So beautiful down there on the ground. Her skin so snow white in the rising sun. The red around her mouth seemed the only thing that made him pause.

“Come here, Vilem. Before it is too cold. You must try it, the young innocent ones are best.”

He shook his head. “What if we get caught?”

“We will not. Trust me.”

“I… just… I cannot…” he looked down at the body. “I really cannot. I promised my father.” He looked at the body and his eyes went to the blood on the girl’s neck. The smell so intoxicating.

“She is already dead. I killed her. Why not just try it. I promise if you do not like it I will not do this around you again,” she said grabbing his hand and pulled him down.

He fell to his knees besides her not touching the body. “I have never drank from a human.”

“It is the best thing in the world. Better than the best food or mead you have ever tried. Just a drop. She is already gone. Her spirit has flown you cannot be blamed for her death, but blamed for not partaking in the blood what a waste.” She ran her small tongue over her red lush lips.

He tilted his head. “Maybe just a taste.”

He bent down and his mouth touched the cool skin and his tongue hit the blood and it felt like getting hit with a lightning bolt. His body tingled from head to toes. And before he knew what he was doing he clamped his mouth over the wound and was sucking as hard as he could and the almost cold liquid. The bitter copper seemed to coat his blood as the best alcoholic drink he had ever drank. He felt he could not get enough. Trea had used her dagger to slice into the girl’s vein on her arm. And finally they had drained the cold body of as much blood as they could.

Vilem stood liking the blood from his lips. “I have never thought it would taste so good. They have told me that blood was horrible.”

“They lie to brainwash you against it. What is true, why would it taste so good if it was not meant to be drunk?”

“I want more.” He didn’t know it but as soon as his tongue had touched the blood his body hit bloodlust.


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