Write what makes you happy… #writingwends


A lot of advice I received in creative writing classes was pretty much write what popular people write to be accepted or if you want to hit it big.  I’ve also read people who have done that but never succeed. By Then I was already writing what I wanted to write. I never really tried to put anything out, well I did, but I didn’t try very hard. The rejections I received were mostly we don’t sell that genre or not interested at the time.

I never let it get to me and continued to write. Writing is my therapy. It keeps me sane in my crazy life. In my worlds I can kill people who have made me mad, and no one can say anything or get arrested. I try my hardest to research enough to make my stories seem real enough, and I try, I really do, to make a great story. I am not perfect, and no one really is.  But my stories scream to be written. And I will tell you one thing I never expected to be an Author. Really I just like to write. So I write what I like to write, and usually it isn’t popular or in. It is weird and me :o) These characters scream to tell their stories.

So write what feel right. Right what makes you happy. In the end you have to be proud of the work you did, the story you told.


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