A Book Bible #writingwends

For each book I create a book bible. Which is usually a notepad or binder depending on the story or if it’s a series.

The first part has the blurb, synopsis and plot lines and notes I would like to see in the next chapter. I usually mark them out as I write it. Or if I come up with a cool little scene while I am away from my computer I can add it for later.

The next part is character sheets. Main characters in the front all the way to characters who are just there. In there I like to describe them, relations, jobs and ambitions in the story. As the story moves along I note their changes. I usually break it up in good guys bad guys if there are some, and I always give them all a few extra pages. Like the growing story your characters change. If it’s a series it is certainly a helper.

The third part is places and things. In the book bible for Space Rebels I have the description and different rooms of the Marigold, the moon, mars, moons, and asteroid belts. In The Unicorn and The Serpent I have medieval jobs, words,  and of course the kingdom mapped out. So pretty much part three is the world building section.

Part 4 is usually a writing diary. Date and word counts and things to remember for editing. Everyone has their little thing.

So tell me do you have a niche to help you start a story?

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