Beautiful Freaks…

When you create something that you share with the world you are now in the public eye. Someone(s) might not enjoy it, but you did it. You boldly went were some are to afraid to tread. By sharing your art, music, writing, etc you are sharing something special. You are giving people a glimpse of your artful soul. It’s tough being an artist, but there are those brave enough to throw it out there and say, “Check this shit out. If you don’t like it too bad. Because I do.” In that I can thank David Bowie and other artists that were bold and daring. To tell the mundane that being weird, odd, nerdy is beautiful. I am broken hearted about him leaving, but happy he left us so much. He will always be The Goblin King.

But this week we lost another amazing soul. Alan Rickman. You might remember him as of course Professor Snape from Harry Potter. But he was so much more. I grew up with him being Hans Gruber, The Sheriff of Nottingham, Colonel Brandon, the voice of God, Alexander Dane, Marvin, Richis, Judge Turpine, the hookah smokin caterpillar, and so much more. He was an exceptional actor who left us with cult characters we will forever love or hate.

Just remember to say fuck it and reach for the stars. You have one life, and who knows when your expiration date is. Be bold, be daring, be freaky, be amazing, because you are all beautiful. So reach!


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