Author… Writer… Creator…

I never really planned on being a writer. I just liked to make up stories. As a little girl I had an overactive imagination. No dolls or toys, no problem, I could make them up with paper. I lived in fantasy worlds, I created space stations, and endless love stories. I loved telling a story and everyone being captivated by it. I just turned that making stories up, and put them on paper.

In 8th grade out English teacher had us create our own short story and mine was the Tell of the Baby Snatcher. It was about a young girl who was babysitting. A monster came and tried to steal the little boys she was watching. She had to put up a fight but she saved the boys. I received an A+ on the story. My first real A that I didn’t have to work on extra credit for. It made me so happy.

Before high school I wrote my first fan fiction based on Newsies. :o) Yes that was fun.

In high school I started to use the trusty type writer and I created Ellie’s book of Evolution. I angered some people with this, only because of their closed mindedness. I covered different theories from aliens to aliens.

Soon enough by the end of high school I had already had a three ring binder full of short stories. Halfway through my first year in college I had two, and had started on my first novel. Why because me and my friend Author Toy Davis were hanging about writing talking about how we should write novels and bam we started that night and began writing. Her’s a vampire novel and me a witch novel.

I never really thought about publishing or anything like that. I just wanted to tell my stories. Great therapy because you can do whatever you want in your worlds and be whoever you want.


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