Sunday Snippet Stone Guardians #snippet #vampire #bookboost

wp-1451361681858.jpg“You mean us,” she said. “Would they kill me?  Times have changed; you can’t just burn someone.”

He rolled his head to look at her. She reached out to touch his hair. Their bond made them closer than lovers or even family.  Touching was a form of comfort and very natural to them. They had to be careful and only do it in closed quarters. Touching in public would bring up questions and speculations.

“They could, and they would. You know the law.”

She looked down. “If I am so against the laws of the Goddess, how come I still live? Why hasn’t she let the council know about me?”

“Isobel,” he said, running his hand over her arm. “It is my belief that the council stopped listening to the Goddess years ago, and all they do now is of their own will.”

“Where have you been storing all that power?” She wanted to change the subject; bringing up her being a monster upset her.

“There are still some things you don’t know about,” he said and gave her a tired smile. “Aengus should leave you alone for a while.  We should think about moving to California sooner than planned.”

“I’m fine with that.” She sat against him. She noticed that his hand felt warm and normal again.

“Tobias should be happy about it as well.”

“Tobias has become such a drama queen. All I hear about is the breakup of the band.”

“I take it you will be playing at the farewell party?”

“We will play until the danger is over. And then we will start a new band in California. I will miss this one though. It brought back fond memories of home. When do you think we’ll leave?”

“Maybe a month earlier than planned.”

“Just a month earlier? But the twins will be leaving next month. That means I will be here alone for two months before we join them there.”

“You have me.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Not really. I do not understand your need to be around them all the time.”

“They are my friends. A friend is a companion.”

He looked at her and gave her a wily smile. “Are we not friends?”

She looked at him. “Maybe you should get a few friends. You might actually get out more, have some fun.”

“I enjoy being alone. Plus I have you.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Yes. We will be together forever. You know, maybe I should go to California with Toby while you settle everything here. He already said I could stay with him.”

“We need to stay together. I don’t know how our bond would be if we were so far apart. I mean, what if we can’t control it the way we can now? Do you want me popping into your head out of the blue when you are singing or whatever?”

“I guess not. Vilem, I have been thinking a lot about things lately. And I think I am ready to know more about my life and family before you found me. I try to remember, but I can see only the moon. Why the moon?”

“It was a full moon that evening,” he said, looking at the roof of the car as his fingers ran through her thick mane.

“I think I have the right to know where and what I come from,” Izzy said.

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