30 Days of Writing Day 13

My Commute to work.

I have a fear of being in a vehicle. It is a real thing!

Fear of Driving Phobia – Vehophobia

Vehophobia or the fear of driving can impact one’s daily life especially since most of us are dependent on this activity to get by. It can affect one to an extent that s/he refuses to go shopping, visit a doctor or even drive to work. Individuals with the extreme fear of driving prefer public transport or request friends or family members to drive them each time. This is fine, so long as these options are available at one’s disposal. However, this might not be the case always affecting the individual’s education, job and other activities negatively.

There are varying degrees of Vehophobia. Some individuals are only anxious about driving on highways or certain dreaded routes. Some are unable to pass their driving tests or acquire a license. A few might be having valid driving licenses but they pose a danger to themselves as well as other drivers. They can have a panic attack while driving and freeze up to an extent that they are unable to apply brakes or change gears etc. In extreme cases, a person may even be terrified of being a passenger in the vehicle.

My husband is probably the best driver I have ever been in a vehicle with. So he makes it tolerable for me.


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