30 Days of Writing Day 4…

Day 4 Ten Interesting Facts About Me.

1. I am addicted to Holiday tea from Harney and Sons.
2. My favorite Muppet is tied between Animal and Kermit.
3. I like Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Beer.
4. I daydream more then I should be writing.
5. I have 2 goats Thor and Odin.
6. I am terrified of spiders of all shapes and sizes even when they are in behind glass.
7. If I had super powers I would be evil, or if I had the ability to use the force I would be a sith.
8. I am addicted to Farm Heroes.
9. I wish I had more time to read.
10. I sing Down in the Valley, when I am in the Shower. I sang it in chorus, and I sang it to my baby sister when I watched her.


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