30 Day of Writing Challenge

Day 2 Your Earliest Memory.

I really can’t be sure which was is the earliest. I have memories of a lot of things when I was little. Some good some bad. My first trip to Disney Land, when I was 4 or 5. It was during the 30 celebration, I remember the parade. I remember being terrified on The Pirates of the Caribbean.

When I was little, we lived in Santa Maria California, where I was born. I lived there until the age of 6. I remember us going to Pismo, Oceano, and Avila beach. Once I was running in the water, and a cross tide grabbed me. It pulled me under. I remember looking up at the sunny sky as the ocean water tried to kill me. My dad saved me.

One other I think maybe four. I was visiting my aunt in Los Banos California. It was my birthday, which happened to land on Thanksgiving. My cousin’s father’s family had been very nice and got me birthday gifts. I remember my aunt making me stand in front of these strangers I just met, and thank them. Even then I was a shy thing. I still have one of the gifts I received in one of my plastic storage bins.


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