George A. Romero King of the Dead

When I think of zombies I think of George A Romero and his Dead movies. My dad let me watch the original Night of the Living Dead when I was little. I had this weird love of them every since. They scare me. It’s like riding a roller coaster. You know you are going to be frightened, screaming, and ready to do it all over again when its over. I think it’s the concept. They are human, but dead, but were human, yet… You get it. The rest of the blog is very heavy with video so keep reading!

I will say that I actually like the 90’s color remake a little more then the original. I like strong women, and well the original Barbara is too mousy for me. The new one gets over the shock that the dead are eating people and saves herself. In those situations you have to realize that sometimes the only person you can really trust is yourself while everyone panics around you in their own ways.

I am not one of the Original Dawn of the Dead fans either. To me the story was boring and slow. I took my little sister and her friend to see the remake in theaters with the running zombies. Which I liked a lot, not the running zombies. Regular slow zombies, hey I have a chance, running zombies I might as well lay down with an all you can eat buffet sign over me.

My favorite of the Dead films hands down is Day of the Dead.
You had a more stronger female character, you see the world a few months after this outbreak that killed most of the world. As far as they know they start thinking maybe they are the last people on earth. You have the crazy doctor who teaches you a bit more about the zombie’s as well as Bub!!

George A Romero took a break for a while, and then came back in 2005 to bring us Land of the Dead. You either loved it or hated it. I loved it, my mom thought it was funny when we went and saw it in the theater. This one brought you some famous faces that you have seen. The world has been taken over by the zombies, and humans live in a walled in city. Where the rich live in luxury while the poor gets to struggle down below.

In 2007 Romero brought us Diary of the Dead. A bunch of college kids are making a movie, which happens on the night of the outbreak. So he is taking us back to the start, and they end up making a documentary of this weird outbreak. It was scary and I liked the new view of the beginning of the end.

Survival of the Dead came out in 2009 and was about a group of soldiers looking to escape the zombies and come across an island. But on the island their is a family feud going on. One family wants to destroy all the dead, while the other is holding on for a cure. The soldiers end up getting involved.

So what is your favorite Dead movie?

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