A Short Story from Author Toy Davis

Dull Little World

Zenarce sat in heaven and looked down on the new world God had created. It was a world that thrived with life. It had plant life, animal life and the newly created human life, but even with all that life it was a dull little word.

Zenarce rested his chin on his balled fist. “Hmmm,” he thought with disappointment. “It Is such a sad little place.”

The creation of the world had been rushed, no more than six days. God had not taken the time to give it color, life yes, but not color. Heaven was filled with color, beautiful and vivid. Even hell had the color of blood and flames but this new world; Earth, was just made up of white, black and greys.

He shook his head. He did not agree with the bleakness of it. “Why didn’t he make it with color?”

“Why do you not add it?” Michael, the archangel, asked.

Zenarce looked at him. Unlike Zenarce, Michael had large wings and worn armor. He was one of God’s most loyal soldiers. “Because God will not like me doing that.”

“God will not notice,” he confided. “Lucifer has rebelled and we are now bound for war.”
“Lucifer,” he repeated; stunned by the revelation. “But he was God’s first son.”

“Yes, yes,” he waved his hand. He didn’t like to be reminded that his brother had been created before him. “That is why God will not notice. When Lucifer rebelled, being his first son, he took a lot of angels wit0h him.”

Zenarce said nothing has Michael said his goodbyes and rushed off. Alone, he thought of what his brother had said. Perhaps he could do it himself. The Earth needed color, how else were the humans going to learn what beauty was. Without beauty the world would not know compassion, and a creature without compassion was not a creature worthy of life.

A sense of duty filled Zenarce. He grabbed his paints and brushes, and went to Earth. Hidden in the shadows, out of the view of the humans, he painted the world. He made sure to paint every gain of said, but getting every strand of fur was a bit harder so there were strands left white. The sunsets and sunrises were the only clue to his feelings and existence, everything else was painted while the world wasn’t looking.

Check out more of her stuff: https://www.facebook.com/authortoydavis?fref=ts


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