Only YA!? A Confused Rant

Come Selahway With Me...

When I’m out and about, admittedly I’m not great at small talk. This is probably my only life failing, but there it is. I want to know about people, how they’re feeling that day, what they like, all that good stuff., not just “hey how are you?” “Eh, I’m fine.” Inevitably, when I actually get into conversations with people, it’s about safe things like music and books. It’s fascinating to me, though, that whether I’m talking to friends, people at the gym, service people I have acquaintances with, whatever, that there is a growing book trend and it mildly disturbs me.

I want to make it very clear that I’m not anti-YA fiction. There are some amazing young adult titles out there. Despite the trend of problem literature I grew up through, there was also a trend of really strong young adult fiction mixed with the typical fluff series (BSC…

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