Bizarro Vegan Zombie Apocalypse by Wol-vriey

veganFear not mankind, the omniscient God Necro proclaims that your tasty brains will be safe from the ravenous undead during the impending zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately for most of you, however, the enlightened zombie hoard plans to herd you like cattle on their potato plantations and use your fertile bodies to grow their specialized blood veggies.

Only by prostrating yourself before the Great Necro can you join forces with other faithful necros and defend humanity from the ever encroaching zombie invasion. But it won’t be easy, especially if you’ve just escaped from the vegfarm – and you already have the cattle brand on your forehead and the telltale potato vines sprouting from your body.

Bounty-hunting zombinators, flying cleaver-laden helicopters and cockrockets, will soon be hot on your trail as you race toward the Promised Land and the sanctuary that is known as the Republic of Texas.

My Review:

This book is not for everyone. There is a lot of things that will shock, gross you out and anger you. The story was interesting and very different as you saw this world through different eyes all the way through. Once you thought you had a character to follow Wol-vriey changes it up on you. I highly recommend this one if you like Bizarro fiction because he nails all the elements of absurdness, satire, and the grotesque on the head with this one.


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