Bizarro Chainsaw Cop Corpse by Wol-vriey

chainsawSimon is having a bad fucking week. When you’re a D.C. Detective, every week is a bad week, but this week has been a BAD freaking week.

For starters, some psychopath has been murdering people, stealing their body parts and smearing their corpses with peanut butter.

To make matters worse, the contract killer “Boots” has recently resurfaced, and his girlfriend’s chainsaw arm destroyed his bed when he made her climax.

To top it all off, Simon’s been pissing random body parts for days. Ears, fingers, toes… And if that weren’t bad enough, now he has to drop a deuce!

My Review:

Okay let me tell you something first off this book might disgust you and possibly offend you. I am not easy to be disgusted or offended. Now onto the story. The story at first seemed it might be confusing but it kept me reading wanting to know more not only about the characters but the villains. The visuals were crazy, the people were crazy, the villains were crazy, but together it worked. I love the sheep and the crabs and the urn, but I won’t give anything else away because you have to read it for yourself. If you like Bizarro Fiction this one needs to be added to your list to read, or if you are looking for just a crazy read. There is a LOT of crazy in this book.


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