Snippet Sunday The Unicorn and The Serpent #snippetsunday

unicornandserpfinalShe took his hand. “I am sorry for yelling you, and sorry for causing you any pain. I was angry, and I tend to lose my head. As you well know.”

“It is all well.” He looked down at her hand. “You hurt yourself.”

“It is well. I visited the midwives.”

Grady looked over her shoulder and his grey eyes darkened reminding her of winter storm clouds. She turned to look and saw Prince Phillip walking towards them. She made a small groan.

“You should not do that out loud,” Grady whispered.

“I did not mean to, he irks me.”

Phillip stopped at the table, and Grady bowed his head deeply as was proper. Phillip paid him no attention and looked over Morgan’s dress, approvingly. The look made her skin crawl, or rather want to run away.

“G’evening Morgan. I wish to ask you if you are not engaged for a dance.”

“Oh I am sorry Phillip, but Grady here already asked me.”

“I did?” She elbowed him. “I did.”

“Yes. And well the music is going,” she stood and dragged Grady along with her.

“I do not dance Morgan, as you well know.”

“You dance, just don’t do often enough.”

Their fingers met and entwined, as his arm went around her waist pulling her close to him. The song was slow and lovely, and their feet moved with the tune. The feel of his arm around her touching her, his body pressed against hers, made feelings stir in her body she had never felt before. Her skin tingled where his fingers moved on her back when he turned her. They moved through the song in silence, both of them unsure what to say.

Finally Grady opened his mouth, and the song ended and a faster one started. Coyle cut himself in. “I see we are playing keep away from the Prince. It is my turn. You can’t be so greedy my brother.”

She laughed as Coyle led her into a fast dance, but her eyes kept moving to Grady. He would catch her looking and give her a sad smile, and her heart sank, was it her who caused him to be so sad? It hurt to think she caused him or any of her friends any pain. But it hurt even more for some reason thinking she had caused him pain.

Over on the edge of the dancing Phillip had found Ryan watching the dancing. The prince looked at the Guard. “You look like you are thinking of something you have not thought about before,” he said.

Ryan shook his head, tearing his gaze from Morgan. He had seen her and Grady dancing, had noticed her reaction to his touch and the way she kept looking at the other guard. A deep jealousy ate at him, and it burned in him something fierce.

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