Snippet Sunday Seeing Stars, want to win a paperback copy? #giveaway #paperback

seeingstarShe ran away from him and turned, seeing he had his phone out. “This is your movie.”

Seeing Stars, a night out with a movie star,” she said, and they both laughed.

Attack of the Seaweed Monster!” Logan said, bending down to scoop up some more and came at her again with it.

“Ew, ew, ew, no!” she said between laughs.

“Okay.” He tossed it back into the ocean. “No more.”

“Good,” she kicked some water at him, soaking a pant leg. She gasped, covering her mouth. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, now I am going to touch you all over with my seaweed hands,” he said and took a couple of steps towards her.

She danced away from him, but soon he caught her.

“I am sorry,” she whispered as he held her arm.

“It’s just water,” he said as he pulled her to him. Their eyes locked, and he bent in.

Alisa’s mind had only a second to freak out before his lips touched hers, warm and soft. Oh, how she wanted this kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and relaxed into it.

Time flew by yet seemed to stand still all at once. All that mattered was his lips pressed against hers, his tongue teasing hers. Her insides clenched, giving her an itch she knew she could not scratch. He pulled back, breaking apart from her, and something inside Alisa screamed.

“I’m sorry,” hfallingstarsbannere whispered. “No, I’m lying. I’m not sorry. I have been thinking about kissing you for days, and you know what? It was better than I thought it would be.

You can get Seeing Stars for free on 3/31 to celebrate the sequel Falling Stars by Krys Janae! Alisa’s story continues, and sometimes even Hollywood there are no happy endings. Falling Stars is going to be the second book in the Starstruck series, the next book will be Among the Stars. Why wait to get a free copy of the ebook when you can also win a paperback copy, or even a $25 amazon gift card.


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