Sunday Snippets are Back! Playing with Magic #sundaysnippet #comingsoon

Playing MagicPlaying with Magic the second Elemental book will be out this month. This one is just as dirty as the first possibly dirtier so be warned 😉 But here is a not dirty snippet!

Stefan smelled the cooking meat, and his stomach cramped up. It grumbled loudly, and he looked around, seeing if anyone noticed. The hunger grabbed his body, squeezing it painfully. His hands were shaking violently, so he put them on his legs, hiding them under the table. Finally the dark presence in his body surfaced, making him lose control. His eyes went to River’s arm then he looked left, then right, and when he was sure no one was watching, he bent down and licked it.

River jumped up. “Ah gross!” He wiped at his arm. “Why did you do that?” He shouted, rubbing his hand on Stefan’s shirt.

A growl escaped his lips, and there was vibrating his chest. He rolled River’s taste inside his mouth with his tongue and liked how he tasted. His eyes shot to him; staring, watching his prey. Drool dribbled down his chin as he growled again.  He moved onto the bench and pounced on River. They rolled around on the ground, while River screamed, pushing Stefan’s snarling snapping teeth away from his neck.

“Stefan, what the hell are you doing?” Autumn wanted to help, but the thought of his aura sucking her empty made her hesitate.

“Help!” River screamed.  “Helllllp!”

“What is wrong with him?” Anatha asked her brother.

“I don’t know,” he replied with a hesitant smile.

Adair made a weird squeaking noise and jumped at Stefan’s head. Stefan’s red eyes went to the monkey. He licked his lips, untangling himself from River. Walking on his hands and feet, he chased after Adair. River and Rowan watched Stefan run around in a circle as he barked at the air. They exchanged confused glances and went back staring at their friend.

“Umm,” Linden said as he put down a bowl of salad. He watched Stefan. “I think Stefan’s finally snapped.”

Drake walked up with Envy. “What did we miss?” He watched Stefan.

Aarawn walked over to Mabon. “You get his arms, and I’ll get his feet.”

“I’ll help,” Rowan said.

The three spread out around Stefan, who was still chasing Adair. “Now,” Mabon said as he and Rowan grabbed his arms as he ran by. They pulled him to the ground. Aarawn grabbed his feet.

“It’s about time,” Adair said, leaning against the picnic table, breathing hard. “Angel should have been here. He would have enjoyed watching me get chased.” He wiped his monkey paw over his furry forehead. “I’m not cut out for this kind of exercise.”

Stefan snarled at them, whipping his head left to right as he snapped his teeth at the guys. Rowan cringed, almost letting go. Autumn came over with a small bag. She got to her knees and poured the contents of the bag in her hand.

“Sand?” Mabon asked, fighting with Stefan.

“Earth.” She looked down at Stefan and sprinkled some on his forehead. “Trap of sand, trap this bane and evil will.” She sprinkled more. “Trap of sand, I place a bind upon Stefan.” His body went immobile in their hands, and he looked up at her.

“What happened? What’s happening to me?”

She stroked his head. “I don’t know.”

“You, my friend, are possessed,” Aarawn replied.

“Can we let him go?” Rowan asked.

“Yeah, he’s okay for now.” Autumn felt the darkness ease around Stefan. Hiding?

They let him go and gave him room to sit up. “Possessed by what?” he asked, rubbing his head. Hunger still gripped him but controllable now.  His eyes widened as he looked over at Adair, and then River. He got to his feet, wanting to apologize.

“I don’t know, but we have to find out,” Mabon said, watching him go over to the picnic table.

River moved over, making a cross with his fingers. “Away, evil demon!”

“I think that only works for vampires.” Drake shook his head, trying not to laugh.

“He tried to bite me!”

“Actually, it looked like he was going to eat you,” Aarawn pointed out. River shuddered and got up, walking to the other side of the table.

You can get book one Awaken the Magic on Amazon!


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