Guest Blog Lynne Silver Shares Her 2015 Writing Goals!

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Happy New Year! If you’re anything like me, you’ve made your Excel Spreadsheets detailing every professional aspect of the upcoming year. I have a writing progress spreadsheet, an appearance spreadsheet, and multiple book plotting spreadsheets.

The trick with the spreadsheets is you actually have to check in with them and assess your performance. That’s where I falter. I’m pretty good for the first three months and then life interferes, new contracts get signed, new book ideas blossom and plans get derailed.

Here’s hoping my 2015 stays on course because I have some big news and great plans.  Here are some highlights:

Book releases:

January: Cruising for Love

February: Waiting on Love

Spring/Summer: 3 contemporary connected stories


January 29: Loudoun county library talk with Mary Behre & Tracey Livesay

April: Kensington Festival of the Book

May: BEA/BookCon (Maybe)

July: RWA

October: Hallowread, WRW reader’s luncheon


You’ll notice I have nothing Coded for Love on the 2015 schedule. Sadly, I have no plans to continue the series for the foreseeable future. The books aren’t selling well enough to justify my time. True fans should read my newsletter and blog because I do know what happens in the series, and if I have a free moment, I will release the story on my blog or wattpad.


What are your 2015 plans?



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