Giveaway #2 signed paperback of Awaken the Elements!! #giveaway

awakennewprint.On to the next giveaway a signed paperback copy of Awaken the Elements. This is the 1st book in my Elemental Trilogy, 2nd book Playing with Magic will be out hopefully next month. This is a dark erotic fantasy.

Here is a (none dirty) little snippet for you:

“So what are we making?”

Autumn started pulling out the cans of pumpkin. “I didn’t even think of looking

for them at the store down here. It’s one of those things no one thought about.  They’re still good!”

Hazel’s eyes lit up. “It isn’t Christmas without your pumpkin bread!”

Autumn’s smile faltered, thinking of last year. “I didn’t have it in me last year.”

Hazel nodded. “We all understood.”

She shot a smile at her friend. “So I need the ovens preheated to 400, and I need

the pans greased up.”

“On it, boss.”

Autumn opened the cans of pumpkin. The earthy smell hit her, and her chest

contracted. She told herself everything would be fine as she scooped the pulp out into the mixing bowl. She measured her sugar and flour. She had made sure there were enough eggs earlier.  The main safe house usually made sure they had a good supply of eggs and milk. She always wondered where the place was and was glad they were all stocked up.

She started to add her spices. She closed her eyes and released some of that magic

inside of her and poured clove into her hand. She thought of the protection spell in her mind, weaving it into her hands and charging the clove with it. She did the same with the cinnamon, weaving in good luck. She added a few drops of vanilla for a bit of extra luck. She finished it all up by stirring it counterclockwise, thanking the gods for listening.

“You are getting better,” Adair said.

She nodded as she used a clean spoon to taste the batter. “Perfect!” she said, making Hazel jump.

“I have the pans ready.”  Autumn took the bowl over and started to spoon the mixture into the pans. “So you want to talk about your boys?” “What about them?” she asked, pausing.

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4 comments on “Giveaway #2 signed paperback of Awaken the Elements!! #giveaway

  1. Feeling a little guilty entering but I love this One!!!! 🙂 My fav is “bird nests” it’s chow mein noodles(crunchy ones in a can) butterscotch chips melted : mix altogether place little nest clumps on a cookie sheet then put a jar cherry or 2 for eggs chill and so yummy!!! it was something my grammie made and for some odd reason now we all do!!!!

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