Author Roberta Smith shares what she is thankful for!

Top Ten

Things you are Thankful for…

#10   Good health. I beat cancer twelve years ago.

#9     My home. I love it. This includes all the conveniences of living in this day and age.

#8     Technology. I love all the things it allows us to have and do in record time. Sometimes it’s a curse when I don’t have the smarts to use it or understand it.

#7     Creativity. I’ve written five novels and seven screenplays and a few stage plays and I don’t know how many short stories.  I love the process once I’m in the middle of it.  I’m often in awe how things come together.

#6     Time. I was able to leave the nine to five early. That gave me time to do the things I like to do such as write.

#5     Friends. Those who trust me with their feelings and stories. Those who push me to be better. Those who accept me as I am and trust me to do the same.

#4     The USA and the soldiers who put their lives on the line for this country.  We aren’t perfect, but no country is. We try. And those in the military amaze me with their commitment and bravery so we can keep our way of life and freedom.

#3     Faith, God, Spirit, the Universe – whatever name people use.  I know a lot of people would make this #1 and maybe I should too because without God there would be nothing else.  But here it is at #3 because, honestly, sometimes my faith is shaky. Regardless, there have been instances where things happen that could be called “coincidences” that have protected me or helped me in some mysterious way that I am grateful for.

#2     Parents. They’re gone now, but they loved their kids. They taught me positive values and were supportive and loving, even times I lost my way.

#1      Family, without a doubt. When I think of what I would miss most should it be taken from me, the answer is husband, sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces and extended family as well. (I didn’t have kids.)


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