A true haunting…

I have two incidents in my life that made me wonder and think of ghost. I am science in nature so there has to be some reason. But these two moments in my life still give me the willies thinking about them. I would like to say that I really want to believe their are ghost, but in a good way not a soul trapped here way.

We had moved into a house that belonged to a friend of my dad’s. His sister and dad both died in the house, and that it was haunted. I will say that it is up in the air if you should be believing crackheads but hey we were young and it was fun to make my sister scared by saying the house was evil. Now she picked the pink room I mean pink there were at least three different pinks in the room, and I wanted to vomit every time I looked at it. So I picked the more boyish room. 
One night I was reading IT by Stephen King. I believe this was my first read because I was a freshman in high school. I had school the next day it was clear after 2 in the morning. I had just finished the part where they made and had a vision in the smoke hut, for those who read it you know the scene. I finally was able to try to put the down down, and I turned the light off and tried to sleep. I forgot to add that I have a small collection of porcelain clowns, which thanks to my grandpa started when I was 12. I had one that was pretty creepy with its orange tuffs of hair and large red nose, and most had music boxes in them. Well as I lay there forcing sleep to come the clown starts up and I could hear it swish against the wall as it came to life, and the music box slowly trinkled. My eyes popped open and I left the room quickly decided on sleeping in the living room for the rest of the night with the lamp on by the couch.
Now I can’t say it was a ghost, but I would like to point out that clown sure choose the wrong time to come to life that night. I also stopped collecting clowns soon after and went with fairy tale dolls. I did however reread IT two more times. It is way past time for a reread.
The second incident happened a few years later. We had moved to a duplex in a bad area of town. The place of course came with rumors, one was that a woman was killed by her husband another was someone had committed suicide. Of course I milked that with my sisters telling them scary stories. Well my middle sister’s friend was visiting from Oregon. I am not sure where my sister was but me and her friend had settled in to sleep. Me in my bed and my sister’s friend in her bed. As we laid there the closet door opened. Already we were wide eyed wondering what the hell just happened. Her bag, which was sitting on the top of the closet, fell on the floor, and we watched the closet door close. I got the couch that night the other two slept on the ground. My sister, who had missed it thought we were crazy. All I can say is that I remember every part of that night, and it still is kind of freaky.

Ghost or not they were pretty freaky incidents that had happened. I have had smaller ones but nothing as crazy as those.

If you had a real life ghost run in I would love to hear your story. Or did something weird happen that you can’t explain? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

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