Sunday Snippet: Playing with Magic

Playing Magic“It is a town with people!” Rowan shouted back to the others.

“Maybe we shouldn’t stop,” Jaime said.

A man dressed in ragged jeans and a torn shirt flagged them down. Rowan pulled over. Drake rolled his window down.

“Hello good souls,” the man said. “I see you have a driveable vehicle. Where, may I ask, are you heading?” He leaned in a little to see the other faces peeking from the back. Drake moved his head away because the man stunk like road kill.

“We’re heading to Florida,” River said over Drake’s shoulder.

“Florida,” the man said and he went still as if thinking. “Would you all like to come be dinner guests? We don’t get many people for dinner.”

“Sure, sounds good. We haven’t had a good dinner since we left,” River said as Rowan elbowed him frowning.

So yes here was finally a living uninfected person but the world had changed and they can’t be sure of too many people. A crazy army had swept through the mall they lived in breaking River’s arm but not killing anyone else. They did find the body of a young girl in the funhouse which disturbed them. But the people who survived without a safe house had to be a little off. Something didn’t feel right to Rowan.

“How many people do you have in here so we can prepare for you all?” the man asked. Rowan was getting a very creepy vibe from this man. Maybe it was the airy way he spoke, his torn cloths and the sunken eyes that didn’t look healthy.

“Six, and two babies,” Drake said.

“Babies, hmm,” the man said to himself. He turned his hazel eyes to Rowan. “You park right up there at the town hall. We will be waiting in the building for you.” He smiled and walked off.

Rowan turned in his seat. “I don’t know guys. Something doesn’t feel right.”

Linden smacked his shoulder hard. “Come on. It’s just some friendly people who haven’t seen people in a while. We can totally understand that.”

“Maybe, Rowan’s right,” Jaime said looking at the town hall.

River gave them all a hostile look. “He’s not, let’s go,” he told them between gritted teeth. He opened the door and jumped out to the ground, and then slammed it hard enough to shatter something in the back. One of the babies woke up screaming, waking the other which joined in crying.

The town looked like it had seen better days. Windows were boarded up and a few of the buildings down the street looked charred. The road looked warn and used, and River saw no cars around. He heard just the sound of a rusty metal wind chime. No children laughter like back home, no sounds of people living. It made him homesick. He would give anything to be at home at that moment with Rowan and Autumn. Having dinner and talking about what they had done throughout the day.

“Look maybe we should check it out, but just in case leave the ladies in here,” Drake said.

“Or I can just stay right here,” Rowan said.

“If I’m going, you’re going,” River replied at his window.

Linden tapped his foot impatiently on the sidewalk waiting for the others to come out. When they got out, he looked back in the Winnebago. “Where are the others?”

“They’re not really hungry,” Drake said.

River shook his head and reached for the doorknob to the town hall, and pulled it open. If he thought the heat was bad outside, the inside was five times as bad. And the smell.

“What is that awful smell? Hopefully not dinner,” Linden said behind him holding his nose.

There were twenty people sitting before a platform. The man who greeted them smiled. “Welcome to our home,” he said shouting at them. “We’ve been waiting for dinner.”

Rowan’s eyebrows went up. “Umm,” he said. That so did not sound right, his brain said in a whisper. One thing he had learned in the past six years was that you are allowed to be scared, but showing it could cause the wrong people to notice.

Linden removed his fingers from his nose, and clapped his hands together. “Great so have I,” he said. The people were getting out of their seats and walking closer.

River started to feel a little nervous. “So what are we having?” The people all smiled at him as they walked closer. “Okay maybe its outside,” he said walking backwards to the door brushing against Rowan.

“See,” Rowan said in a whisper, “this is not right.”

(Coming Soon!!)


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