My top 10 scary favorites

I’m going to share my top ten Horror Movies. Before we start I am a horror movie fanatic. A few years ago me and a friend went and pushed our boundaries on watching and finding some of the craziest horror movies. Some have made the list, while you’ll see some great classics.

  1. Day of the Dead the original by George A Romero. I love Bub the Zombie and then the epic line ‘Choke on ‘em!’.
  2. Nightmare on Elm Street original. Scary Freddy, and young Johnny Depp.
  3. Inside-French movie-Crazy movie. You need to have a strong stomach to get through it. Most mothers might not be able to make it through. I am not even sure I could watch it again. Which is why it is a top ten.
  4. Critters 2- Critters 1 was okay but it’s the Easter bunny scene that really got me.
  5. The Hills Have Eyes and The Evil Dead Remakes- OMG
  6. Dead Alive (Peter Jackson’s zombie movie) this is gross and funny, come on rat monkey and zombie baby.
  7. Slither-Love James Gunn and Slither has an awesome cast.
  8. Event Horizon- Space is scary shit.
  9. The Feast series. This has gore, dark comedy and more gore, plus monsters!
  10. Rabid-Cronenberg makes amazing movies btw.

Also Notable movies are Poltergeist, Zombi, Teeth (Vigina teeth!), Diary of the Dead, Night of the Creeps, Night of the Comet, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The remake of Dawn of the DeadPlanet Terror and From Dusk til Dawn.


One comment on “My top 10 scary favorites

  1. I’m going to have to check out some of these that I haven’t seen. My daughter. husband, and I are always looking for new scary/sick movies. lol

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