T.P. Grish gives us a Halloween treat!

Profile one of your characters as though they are getting ready for a Halloween Party.

Remus scrambled around the small bedroom of his cabin, throwing together the costume Elaina and Perfidian had purchased for him. This new holiday, ‘Hallows Eve’, was ridiculous, and the dour man had grumbled to his friends that it was just a way for the local government to stimulate the economy and distract people from their troubles. Even the Steelwielders and Church of St. Lusian had sponsored parties at their halls.

Despite that, Remus did not want to disappoint his friends, not after all the trials they had been through together. The companions often split up, to follow the adventures that pulled each of them, and this celebration would be a good opportunity to catch up. As he headed out the door, he smiled, thinking about the bitter expressions he would see on the faces of the other residents of High Peaks.
He almost forgot how ridiculous his costume was: a cliched mishmash of Fey creatures, both from legend and ones that were occasionally seen in the local area by wandering hunters and travelers. Remus’ face poked out of a hood resembling the bear-like Morrbeast, and the rest of his outfit had wooden claws, feathers and beads imitating scales.

There was a tingle in the air as he navigated the throngs of giddy friends and family who cavorted in the chill night air. Hanging lanterns and gaudy banners gave the rough structures of the town a festive feel, underscored by the shouts of hawkers selling their sweets and meats, and folk operating their games of chance. He would have to ask someone where this holiday came from, and perhaps make a note of it.

He saw Elaina and Perfidian, waving at him. Elaina was dressed in a sleek green dress, imitating the barkish texture of Elven skin. Remus glanced at Perfidian. The bard was dressed as an adventurer from fables, sweeping cloak, feathered hat; he even had strapped his real longsword, bow and belt to the outfit.

‘Remus! I am glad you decided to join us!’ beamed Elaina, as the friend’s joined him.

The bard struggled to hold back laughter as he surveyed Remus’ outfit. ‘You look good, my friend, even pricklier than usual’.

‘I am sure there were more sensible outfits available’, Remus replied. He added, ‘It is good to have a chance to relax, and for the three of us to meet up. I hope you will be staying longer this time, Perfidian’.

The bard’s smile briefly faded, before reappearing. ‘After what happened with my family, I realized I need to make the most of my choice… to explore the world. But I am glad to be here with you and Elaina, right now’.

‘It is strange that the townsfolk dress as Fey, despite how recently war with the dwarves almost erupted, after all that has happened’, Elaina mused. ‘But I suppose it is a way for them to defray their fears’.

Remus sighed. ‘We all need to rest and recuperate, after the turmoil we have been through lately, the foes we have barely outran’.
Remus regretted bringing up such a grim topic during this special day, special not because of the event High Peaks had organized, but because of his friends.

Perfidian clapped his friends on their shoulders. ‘They are cooking some delicious meat skewers over there, with sweet onion and softbread. My shout!’

Remus’ mood brightened as he followed his friends to the firepit by which an enterprising local sold sizzling, aromatic lamb and chicken skewers in generous portions. He was hungry.


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