Sister (short horror story)

Daniel and Reese sat in the front seat of his dad’s Chevy making out. He kept pressuring Reese into going all the way and had been since the third week they started dating. She liked Daniel a lot and loved kissing him. His lips were big and soft, and he knew how to move his tongue. She just wasn’t ready to let Daniel in; really, she would never be ready to let Daniel in.

“Come on, baby,” he said, urging her once more as his hand traveled up her bare leg and under her black skirt. She had worn the skirt because she knew he liked it.

She stopped his hand. “You know I don’t want to.”

Bright lights momentarily blinded them as another car drove up behind them. Still shielding their eyes, Daniel motioned to the driver to either turn off the lights or go away. The car switched from his high beams to regular, but the glare still made them squint.

“What the fuck is wrong with this pervert?” Daniel asked as he opened his door.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Reese asked him, her voice a little higher than normal as fear set in.

“Don’t worry.” He pushed his door open and stood up.

The night was great; a clear sky sparkled with stars as a gentle breeze ruffled the leaves of the trees that surrounded them. The mellow, late September weather seemed perfect compared to the blistering summer they had barely survived.

Reese scooted over to the open door of the car but did not get out. She watched as Daniel walked over to the stranger’s car. She didn’t like it, and she wanted Daniel to come back. They could just go somewhere else or maybe just go home.

“Mister,” Daniel said as he got to the driver’s side of the other car. “You are sort of interrupting us.”

The window rolled down, and a very hairy face smiled at him. “Don’t wanta be doing that, huh? I know whatcha kids like to do out here.” He looked to his right and picked something up off the passenger side seat. “Here’s a gift,” he said, and tossed him something round.

“Wha-” he started to say, but it died as he finally looked at what he had in his hands. The  female’s head stared up at him with glassy, dead eyes. The mouth twisted in a distorted scream. The hair, cut short, was plastered to the head with blood and something else.

“Fuck this.” He dropped it and ran back to the car. The stranger’s laugh followed behind him. He slid into the car and slammed his door. Rolling it up, he motioned for Reese to do the same thing. He locked his door and turned on the car.

He looked behind him. The car blocked them going in reverse. He looked left and right, but there was no way the car would make it through the trees that grew around them.

“Fuck,” he said, slamming his hands down on the steering wheel. “We’re fucked!”

Reese turned in her seat, looking behind them. Her eyes got wide as she noticed the stranger was getting out of his car. She pointed silently at him, but Daniel was paying no attention to her.

She watched as the man started running towards the car and jumped onto the back. That did get Daniel’s attention. “Oh, my God. What should we do?” he asked Reese. But he saw the pure fright on her face and shut up.

The man took another step and leaped on top of the car. He took two monstrous steps and then went still, but the weight of him was denting in the roof.

The two sat there, hearts racing, frozen in panic at what the man might do next. And then the scream, a high and piercing shriek.  Before they could move, something black smashed into the front window.

The sledgehammer head got lodged in the glass. The man continued to scream as he pulled the hammer from the window. He swung it again, this time shattering the window. The glass showered them, and they both let out the terrified screams.

The man jumped onto the hood, just as Reese had regained some composure. She climbed over her seat, skirt riding high, but she didn’t care that her hot pink panties were showing.  She landed on the back seat.

Daniel was still screaming in the front as the man reached in and grabbed him by his head. He hauled Daniel halfway out of the car. His feet kicked as his arms flailed. He didn’t do much to fight off the attacker. And to Reese, Daniel looked like he was trying to swim. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to understand the urge to laugh. He looked like a fish out of water.

Then the man took his giant boot and stepped on the boy’s back. “Now none of that,” he said.  She watched as he brought the sledgehammer down on the back of Daniel’s head.

Daniel still twitched, but it wasn’t as strong as before. And something in Reese wanted to climb over the seat and get closer. The man laughed and brought the sledge hammer down again. And before she could stop herself, she was climbing the seat. She could see the damage to Daniel’s head this close. The man swung again, the sound of bone impacting metal, stirred feelings in her. She should have been disgusted, and she should have tried to run away. But at the same time, it seemed so familiar. The hammer connected again, spraying her with blood and something else darker. All the time, the man laughed, and that too seemed familiar.

When Daniel’s head was nothing but mush on the ruined roof, the man jumped to the ground. Reese sat staring at the mess, fighting the urges she had. Blood. She wanted to play in it, wanted to feel it on her skin. Wanted to taste the copper smoothness on her tongue and let it slide down her throat.

Why wasn’t this grossing her out? And then there was a tap at her window. Without looking, she popped the lock. The door opened and two giant hands grabbed her out. She didn’t fight.  Reese went to sleep.

“Jules, you’ve been bad again.”

A throaty laugh escaped her lips as she turned her head. “Looks like you’ve been bad,” she said.

The man pressed his bearded face into hers and kissed her hard. When he finally pulled away, he looked over at the mess. “Would have been your mess, but your sister is getting stronger,” he finally said.

“I know,” she said, pouting, “That bitch. She liked the boy. She liked him a lot. It bothered me. I need to keep my sister locked up tighter.” Her eyes sparkled at her lover. “Can I play with him?”

He nodded, letting her go. She went over to the mess and ran her hand through the brain matter. She pulled a small knife from the inside of her bra, and placing it in her mouth, she climbed on the car hood almost cat like. Her movement was slow and liquid as she made it to the body. She got to her knees and, knife in hand, carved Daniel’s body, letting the blood run around her bare knees. All the while Reese slept soundly in the back of her head, dreaming of a day when she would be free.


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