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Love is love. Feel free to fall in love with anyone, Here is a snippet from my dark erotic fantasy. Awaken the Elements.

awakennewprint.Autumn ran into the room and sat down, crying into her hands. She could not help how bad she felt. She liked them both for sure, but she had just used them. She didn’t know what to do. She thought maybe they would get over their crush on her but still they relentlessly pushed her. Part of her was totally cool with having both, but that part of her Hazel had talked about was using its teacher voice, pointing out her wrong doing.

“Autumn?” Rowan said, walking in with River. “Just go away, please,” she whispered between her hands. Arms encircled her. “What did we do?” He asked.

She pushed the arms away from her and stood. “I can’t do this,” she said, looking at them. “I just used you both. How fair is that?”

“We want to do this,” Rowan said.

“You really want to share me?”

“Yes,” River said.

Frustrated, she made a helpless gesture. “Do you hear yourselves? Really? I thought maybe one of you would just give up on the crush.”

“This is no crush. We told you we wanted to try this,” Rowan said.

“It would be easier if it was a silly crush,” River said, making Rowan nod.

“I used you. I want to continue to use you.”

“That’s not really a bad thing,” Rowan said, smiling.

“How fair is that to you guys though. I have two boyfriends, and you have one girlfriend you have to share.”

“I think of it as I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend,” River finally said after they were quiet for a while.

Autumn stared at him in stunned silence. Rowan was looking at the far wall, avoiding her eyes. “Have you two?” she asked, not sure if she should say anything else.

River grabbed her hand and pulled her to the futon next to Rowan. He sat next to her. “The night in the hot tub left us feeling ” he looked at Rowan. Rowan shrugged. “We spend so much time together, and we have the same things in common. Why should love be only a certain way?”

“What?” Autumn asked, discombobulated.

“Are we wrong to love each other and you? Should we be classified as bi, gay or whatever? Why can’t we just love each other?” River asked.

“Everything has changed; life has changed,” Rowan said. “Why do we have to continue down the same path and allow that mindset? I want to share you because I like both of you. And, yes, we have.”

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