Take those fantasies and turn them into books.

Have you ever just had a dream or fantasy and thought man that would make a good book? Ever thought you just wanted to try to write something? Stop thinking about it and do it. Push all the well I suck at grammar and spelling and all that negativity strapping you down from doing it. Outline and summarize your story. Even if it is short story.

Do it, write.

Don’t stop to reread.

Just do a little every day even if it is just a page. Write. Write until you are satisfied it is done. You write for yourself, not for fame or fortune, but to get the demons at bay. You write to help you cope with the boring 8-5 job. You do it because now you get to take that story you had inside, that fantasy and put it there so you can reread. It will not be easy, you will hate it, you will argue, you will get mad. But don’t give up, because you never know what you might have. You might even be a bestseller.

So DO IT or don’t.

There is no trying. Trying just leads to the darkside 🙂 , but in truth trying makes it easier for you to give up.

Do it.


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