Writers Block…

For those who have dealt with it you know what it is and for those who haven’t writers block is that evil feeling when you are trying to do a project and for some reason the instructions were printed upside down or in another language. There are many things that cause writers block some of them are our own doing while the other things are just normal life. Now knowing some of it is my own doing I have steps to overcoming it mostly. 1. Write every day no matter what. Even if you can’t work on your current project look out the window and write the scene you see. Create a flash fiction. 2. There are other creative things around to learn pick up a new hobby or restart an old one. I like to knit. It clears my head. 3. Stop over thinking  I worried no one would like what I write, but no negativity has been said so no more worry. I might never hit the New York Times Bestsellers but at least I get to see something I poured myself into out there to be shared.

By FanGirlEllie Posted in writing

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