Blogging/promo opportunities for writers/bloggers

I have some fun blog opportunities for my writer/blogger friends.
In September I am doing a fall theme so if you would like to do a fall guest post let me know. This can be anything Fall related. Favorite thing about Fall, writing in fall, favorite recipe, ect. Word count should be around 1200 to 1500, pictures are okay, I will need bio and picture if you want to add it, stalker links, and of course if you want to add your newest project whether it is out, just released or is coming out soon. Cover, small blurb and buy links.

In Halloween I will be doing a 31 days of Halloween on my blog. This is open to anyone for guest blogs. This can be anything related to Halloween, short stories, poems, favorite things about Halloween/October, recipes, arts & crafts, TV shows, movies, books, and whatever you would like. Again word counts around 1200 to 1500 (short stories posts can be longer), pictures okay, optional bio, bio picture, stalker links, and of course new project info is always good to add in. Cover, blurb, and buy links.

If interested or have any questions please contact me: .


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