Sunday Snippet!

Island of the Zombie King (Hopefully to be released in October)

“Guys we have a problem,” Tony said looking down at the floor.

They all looked at the trail of blood leading out of the room into the room holding the compacter. “The room ain’t that big,” Carlos said.

“We can’t go back,” Donner said.

“We have to do it. The place is going to explode any second,” Kiley said. She had her metal stick in one hand and the other on the door. “Back me up guys.” She turned the knob and pushed open the door.

She looked into the dark room. She held her breath reaching inside with her free hand feeling for the light switch, finding it she flipped it on. The room already smelt of garbage, but there was another smell in there. The smell of death. Her eyes darted around seeing nothing then looked down at the blood trail on the floor.

She followed after it slowly, one foot at a time. The guys had their guns pointed all around.

The trail ended in the back of the room. What she saw made her almost drop the metal stick, as her stomach heaved. Dark blood and gore ran down the walls with a large puddle on the ground. In the middle of the puddle lay the torn torso of one of the new janitors. His head had been half ripped from his body, and lay on its side looking up at her, its mouth wide open in a silent scream.

She turned disappearing behind what they called the grease pit, the metal compartment they and the other stores dumped their grease in, and threw up. Donner didn’t follow, but stayed by the side of the grease pit.

“We have to go,” he said voice gentle. He didn’t dare look at the mess at the back of the room.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Okay,” she said. “I’m okay.” She came around to meet him.

Carlos was standing by the door, far away from whatever was back there. He didn’t want to even know what it could be, and just wanted to get the hell out of there. He didn’t notice the blood soaked hands until they grabbed his chubby neck. He let out a deafening scream, and it echoed through the metal walled room. The corpse had him good, he struggled, but its hold on him wouldn’t budge from his position. He had no real fighting ground. He screamed again as he felt the human teeth sink into the flesh of his shoulder, and then numbness.


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