I don’t have one certain genre I have pegged down to. I am still fiddling around with them. I like to mesh it up and combine genres. I really am not sure where a story is going until I finalize it. Like I have an idea for a romance story and made my hubby laugh when I told him that it was straight vanilla. Because now you have many sub-genres of romance as well as other genres. So why do we have to be considered just one genre? I mean years back you had fiction, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, non-fiction. I worked in a bookstore if you come in looking for a non-fiction book we would just stare at you because even non-fiction has sub-genres and those sub-genres have sub-genres. Right not I am working a bit more dark erotic fantasy, but I have my fingers in some splatterpunk, steampunk, romance, fantasy, just to name off a few. Why should I be chained down when I have so much to play with?

So good readers if any happen to be writers what do you normally write? And why?

By FanGirlEllie Posted in writing

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