After I come up with the idea and before I sit down to create the book bible for the story I plan on working on I have to brainstorm. Brainstorming can make it or break it for me. I can come up with a million ideas, but if I can’t work out a good enough plot for it I will put it on the back burner. I need the main characters as I brainstorm because I need to know who I am working with. I want a bad guy or gal or group of them of course, not all stories have the big baddies but I like to have one standing by. I think of many different what ifs and think of what would happen if I have the characters pull it off. Notes after notes I can work my way to anger and sometimes confusion. I have frustrated myself so much because the idea was awesome I just keep tweaking the plot until it gets away from the original idea. When I do that I do put it down and come back to it later on with a fresh perspective. That is about it. I then go into my book bible.

How and what do you do to brainstorm?

By FanGirlEllie Posted in writing

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