Hitting the hump…

As a writer I know you have hit that hump. That spot in the book where you stop and ask yourself WTF is going on here? For me the humps are easy to come by. I can be writing, writing, slowly question a character’s motive, writing, I don’t know if I like that much, writing, what the hell just happened-hump. At first it was hard to continue on thinking I have to go back reedit, figure out where I went wrong and fix it. This just causes more (to me writers block) or to others time to procrastinate. I have taught myself to muscle through it. Continue at the end. Because then the first draft is done-finished-well almost done. Now it’s time for the rewrite. It does go by smoother. You have the story, now you get to read it, and see where the issues were and fix it. I learned in Awaken the Elements, never second guess your characters, it causes that hump. Your characters might take your story off plan, but that’s okay. Because really it’s not your story it’s theirs. They are the stars. By doing this and letting the story unfold I actually had a better time writing Seeing Stars doing this. No humps in the story just in real life which held back the book, writing, editing and putting out wise. And there are no stopping life humps- if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen. But remember muscle through, at least through those writing humps!

By FanGirlEllie Posted in writing

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