Seeing Stars chapter 2 teaser!

Chapter 2

Alisa had never made the long trip to Los Angeles by herself before, and it was eight-thirty by the time she made it there. Night had fallen, but the traffic was heavy and the town was still awake and alive with things to do. It was definitely different from her small town where all stores closed by six. Using her cell phone, thank the stars for free upgrades, she quickly located a cheap motel. She hoped they had rooms available.
The lady behind the counter looked up from the TV with large brown eyes and sprang to her feet. “Hello!”
“Hi. I don’t have a reservation, but I am hoping you have a room available for three nights?”
“I have one room left!” she exclaimed as she entered some information into the computer. “Will you be charging or using cash? Is it just you?”
“Yes. Just me.” Alisa pulled out her wallet and handed over her bank card.
“Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be here by herself.” She slid the card back to Alisa with a receipt for her to sign.
“Thank you,” she mumbled, taking the pen and signing the paper.
The woman handed her a room card key and told her to have a nice stay. Alisa retrieved her stuff from the car and found her room. Fumbling her bags, she tried the key card, but the light refused to turn green. She finally dropped the bags, and with her hands free, slid the card into the lock.  Finally the lock accepted the key, and the light turned green.
Inside the room, she looked around at the plain space which was done in reds and various shades of beige. Heavy curtains covered the large window, and a flat screen was bolted to the wall. Along one wall was a queen size bed with a bedspread matching the color scheme of the room. Other than that, the room had no other amenities or décor. Laying her bags down, she thought about getting some editing done. She had set a deadline for herself to get her newest novel to her editor by the end of the month, and it was coming close.
But what she could really go for was a shower.
She undressed as she made her way to the bathroom, not caring where her clothes ended up.  Naked, she had a moment to look at herself in the mirror. Her shoulder length brown hair looked like how she felt, disheveled. She did make a mental note that she did need a trim, she liked the way her hair framed her oval face it didn’t make her nose look too big.
She got the water going at a nice, steamy temperature and stepped in. As the warmth beat against her skin, the day flashed back to her. Her chest tightened, and she felt as though she couldn’t breathe. She gasped, fighting the tightness. The tears ran down her cheeks, and she crumpled to the floor of the shower, rocking herself as she cried.

Alisa clutched her laptop bag as she walked toward the secretary. From the moment she walked into the building she felt underdressed, and had a stone in her belly. The bleached blonde woman looked at her with muddy brown eyes. “May I help you?”
“I have an appointment with Ron Suffington.”
“Name please?”
“Alisa Parson.”
“Oh yes. Your name is on the list. Please have a seat, and he will be right with you.”
“Do you have a lot of people come in who aren’t on the list?”
She nodded. “Tons.”
“With the security below, you would think that wouldn’t happen often.”
“Desperate people will do desperate things,” she said. Her eyes widened just a bit, causing Alisa to turn around and follow her gaze.  Her breath caught.
Logan Rider walked up to the desk, towards her. The Logan Rider! Hot comedy and TV star Logan Rider! He towered over her by six inches, and his brown hair looked perfect. He was the reason she faithfully watched Family Insurance for five years. Family Insurance was a quirky family comedy in which Logan’s character ran an insurance company with his bossy sisters and playful brothers after their father ran away to join the circus. She had also watched most of his movies at least one hundred times each; they were her favorite comedies ever created.
Alisa remembered to breathe as he leaned on the counter looking at the secretary.  Who had stuck her chest out to show off her goodies. Alisa stopped herself from looking down at her own. They weren’t perfect, but she thought a d cup fit her pretty well.
“I have an appointment with Ron,” he said.
“Of course you do,” she said, batting her eyelashes at him.
He smiled and then looked at Alisa.
Her heart thudded hard in her chest; she thought she would have a coronary right there. How embarrassing would that be? Her mind screamed. He is looking at me! We are sharing the same space. Alisa, you will not swoon!
“Are you Alisa?”
HE KNOWS MY NAME! Her mind screamed. “Yes.” She didn’t stutter. Score one for her.
He stood up straight and put out his hand. “Logan Rider.”


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