Seeing Stars Chapter 1 teaser!

seeingstarHere is a teaser of chapter 1 for you! Remember Seeing Stars will be out next Monday!!

Chapter 1 (Not Fully Edited Yet)

“I understand,” Alisa said into the speakerphone in her car as she pulled into her driveway. “I can be there tomorrow.”

“Then we will see you tomorrow,” the secretary said.

“That’ll be great! Thank you so much!”

They said their goodbyes and she turned the car off.

She looked at her husband’s car in the driveway.

Odd, he’s home early. Well, that works. We can pack and leave tonight for sure, then.

All the hard work she had put into her writing was now paying off. She had been noticed. Me, she thought, someone wanted to make a movie of my book!

She grabbed her small purse but something kept her from getting out of the car, some doubt she couldn’t quite place. She finally stepped out, knowing she would surprise Kurt. What a big step! She noticed the car next door and checked her watch. Her widow neighbor was home early as well. She had lost her common-law husband two months ago.

Alisa made her way to the house, forgetting to beep the car to lock as she fumbled inside. The kitchen was clean, always a plus after a long work week. She walked to the dining room. Dropping her purse on the table, she looked around. She opened her mouth to call out, then hesitated.  Squeaking noises were coming from the hall. She ventured to the hall and it grew clearer the closer to the bedroom she got.

She shot her hand out and pushed open the door. Her husband’s bare ass pointed at her from the bed. He held some petite feet that belonged to very skinny legs. A small euphoric cry escaped the woman under him.

Coldness filled Alisa. Not anger, just cold.

“I guess I will come back when you guys are finished,” she said, glad her voice sounded steady. She turned and walked to the living room. Looking around, she was dazed, cold, not sure what to do.

Her husband jumped off of the bed and came in, a sheet wrapped around his beer gut. “Alisa   

“You promised.” She stood from the couch; she didn’t remember sitting down. He talked as she walked passed him, but a great roar filled her head. She passed her pretty neighbor, scrounging around the floor for her clothes.

Inside the closet Alisa grabbed her suitcase and threw it on the bed. She started shoving clothes in it. She zipped it up and had the feeling Kurt, was talking to her again. She grabbed her bag, disappeared into the bathroom to grab toiletries, and went to her office. There, she packed up her laptop, flash drives and some other things she thought she might need. Heading for the door, she felt heavy with the suitcase, purse, computer bag, and travel kit all strung around her.

Kurt grabbed her arm. “Alisa, sit down, let’s talk about this.”

“Don’t touch me ever again.” She pulled free from his grip.

“You can’t just leave! Where are you going to go? Your mother’s?”

“I have somewhere else to be.” She stormed out, throwing her stuff in the back of her car. Kurt called out to her as she jumped in and left.

At the stop sign, she looked one way. Yes she could go home to her mothers. She looked in the rearview mirror. Down behind her lay nothing she wanted; she just looked at her own hazel eyes. But— she turned the other way.


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