Seeing Stars and Playing with Magic updates.

Seeing Stars had a okay cover. But now it has an amazing cover by the most awesome Dakota Trace. The reveal will take place next Monday! And I do have a release date set as well! Release date will be July 28th!! This one is a sweet contemporary romance. Certainly something different, and it did take me longer to write then one of my other stories. I have been through at least 4 covers before the newest which again is amazing.

I have set a tentative release date for Playing with Magic as well! August 26 🙂

Here is a rough blurb:

Playing with Magic

Dark Erotic Fantasy

Months have passed, and the virus has finally burnt off enough to live outside of their safe house. Autumn and Anatha have fell into a comfortable life, but Autumn’s parents have a secret that also involves Anatha and her mother. They find out that they each have a brother and they were separated very young. As the four are united, they are offered an opportunity to go learn about their magic. This comes at a time that the guys in the group want to head off on a journey to find their families. Autumn, Anatha, Mabon and Aarawn  are thrust into a new magical life to learn to control, play and use their magics while others around want to control and use them up north. While Rowan, River and the others meet cannibals, weird strangers, and a crazy cult down south.


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