Sour notes

Sometimes life throws you sour notes. And sometimes life throws you sweet notes. We all want to strive for the sweet, and sometimes when the sweet turns sour it is our fault. But sometimes when it goes sour it is no ones fault. No one asked to have an illness, an unexpected financial surprise, cut backs at work- life throws that curve ball. It is the little sourness that throws me off my writing vibe. It makes me go-eh I am not in the mood, why bother? Pulling myself out of the sour note can be the hardest. But I turn to other creative outlets to help. Music by my favorite bands, reading a good book, even just looking at beautiful, abstract, a little scary art can do it. It feels like awakening from a slumber, getting the juices running, reminding me that the sour will pass and you can start to taste the sweet again.


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