Self publishing part 5

Everything is done. You are ready to publish. What now?

You can head over to kindle direct, to post on for books under 2.99 you have the option of getting 35% royalties back. If you mark your book over 2.99 you can do 70%. You have a choice to do amazon select or regular. The select means you can only sale your book on amazon. The general let’s you sale it anywhere. Select gives you the option of free days and countdown deals which is pretty good. You also let amazon lend out your book to their prime members. You do get a % of the prime.

You can publish at Nook Press. Royalties are 40% under 2.99 and 65% over 2.99.

You can publish at they have a how to PDF which I recommend you read through. If done right smashwords will publish you on, amazon, kobo, and a few others. You can also get free PDF, mobi, and epubs of your book when you upload it there.

One other that I use is All Romance Ebooks and Omnilit they have a huge collection of romance and others. Here you do need to have files to upload. I use just the PDF, mobi, and ePub which are the most popular. If done right they make books available at iBooks.

For print I use they have easy guides and help you get your book into print. They are part of amazon so your book is available on there. There are options to put it out to other distributors as well.

There are other places as well. Always keep an eye out for ways to sell your books, but always be cautious as well.

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