Self publishing part 1

I think they tell you that self-publishing is hard so you will not do it. Actually it is pretty easy. First off once you think you are done with your book (Which you probably are not); look into finding yourself an editor. There are a lot of freelance editors who do good work for decent prices. But don’t just jump in, looking around, send emails, ask questions. Sometimes there are editors that just will not work for you. You can find editors/editor service easy by searching Google, or other online searches. You can also find them on Facebook. You can also email a self published writer and asked who they use, most wouldn’t mind answering some questions.

You have now a finished book, your book has been with the editor, and you are pretty damn happy with how it turned out. The next step is to make sure it is formatted properly. Here are some tips:
No tabs, tabs are the devil, don’t use them. To get those nice paragraphs (make sure all tabs are erased) go to paragraph-> special -> First line -> you want to make it a 0.3 to 0.5. Sometimes 0.5 might be too much.
No Space between lines or paragraphs. If you do the line thing and upload it onto kindle, it will look messy. Trust me I’ve seen it.
Use a general easy font times new roman works fine, and keep it roughly around 12 points. Ebook readers can actually change the font size for readers.
Make sure everything is consistent. Chapter headings are the same size, breaks **** are the same number (This one I’m bad at), numbers are either number or written out.

The next post will be on Book .

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